Christopher Priest The Evidence

Christopher Priest is my favourite author. I like his style of writing (in most of his novels and short stories). I own pretty much all things he’s published. I have a signed copy of my favourite of his, The Affirmation (well, unless I got ripped off on Ebay, even so, it’s a beautiful hard copy of the red cover of The Affirmation)

I believe I’ve read everything he’s produced, including Interzone stories, the wine book and the antics with Harlan Ellision’s Dangerous Visions 2.

I’ve never met the guy, but feel it would be interesting, if a little… unnerving. (Don’t mention the word science fiction or sci-fi or BSFA for example. Just kidding)

So, invariably I read The Evidence on its release, and re-read it recently.

Without too many spoilers, this is a dry exploration of dual realities and time distortion within a crime detective setting, through a part of the Archipelago never before seen (as far as I recall). It is in some sense too short, yet can be a slog to work through, but never a word is wasted.

Rabahome, during the narrative, was hacked. Reality is a wild beast.

Loader Entertainment

Whether you enjoy games, films or music, this retro (especially ZX Spectrum) inspired company, Loader Entertainment, is actively involved in looking for suitable games or films or music to promote. Take a look and sign up.

Artificial Intelligence AI Artwork Gallery

How about a gallery of artificially generated artwork based on certain text string. Well X71.IO is an online gallery of hundreds of images generated by AI.

Using a text string, it generates artwork and displays the results. You can do it ‘in the style of’ an artist, or in a medium ‘a charcoal drawing’.

There are some which were created ‘in the style of the zx spectrum’ or ‘a 1980s image’ so certain images of paintings look eerily authentic.

Play Text Adventures Online XYZZY.GAMES

Easily play old skool text adventures on various formats directly in the browser. Check out Looks really cool and easier than setting up any sort of emulator environment.