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Southland Tales: Richard Kelly: Sarah Michelle Geller: Justin Timberlake: Dwayne Johnson: Sean William

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Southland Tales: Richard Kelly: Sarah Michelle Geller: Justin Timberlake: Dwayne Johnson: Sean William

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southland tales sarah michelle geller not nude dvd cover image artwork sarah michelle geller not nudeSouthland Tales

From Richard Kelly, creator of (one of my favourite films) Donnie Darko.


I watched the checkdisk, my brain went to mush. And I could quite easily imagine that is where the above quotes come from, the mushing and/exploding of the brain. As Richard Kelly apparently said, “You need to watch it twice to unlock its mysteries”. Yeah, no brainer really, it’s like a weird comic with so many strands and freaky things all at once it makes me think maybe he made it for his own amusement - a lets see how many ideas and effects and storylines and actors and other such things we can have in a large viewing timeframe-, and forgot there were people who were looking forward to it, to having to pay to watch it, to at least get some semblence of a cohesive story from watching it.

I’ll be putting myself through 2 hrs 25 minutes in the next day or so, and hopefully will be able to work out what the heck was going on.

By the way, the above doesn’t mean I dislike it, it’s just a lot for the five senses to take in. I think two of mine shutdown after about an hour and a half, so, once they’re bolstered up and recovered, I’ll re examine the film.

Until then, here’s some info to whet your appetite…
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Serenity The Movie

Serenity Movie From Joss Whedon Firefly Malcolm ReynoldsFirefly Was Cancelled. Is It Reborn?

If you enjoyed Firefly, then you’ll be sure to enjoy Serenity, a movie made possible by Joss Whedon. The movie is very much like the series except that it lasted longer. Starring the same cast of galactic outcasts, it’s set 500 years in the future and the genre is a blend of science fiction and the wild west. The title of the movie comes from the name of the ship, captained by Malcolm (Mal) Reynolds. Everyone’s roles are the same as they are in the series, but the movie focuses on River Tam and her brother, Dr. Simon Tam.

The movie starts by Simon rescuing his telepathic sister from the clutches of the Alliance, who (attempt to) control everything since their victory in the Civil War. The Alliance will do anything to retrieve her because during her captivity, she’s learned things they don’t want anyone to know. Protecting the pair is an extraordinary experience for the crew because they usually spend their time trying to lay low. They’re typically earning their keep by taking on any job, both legal and illegal, that pays well enough. It’s all complicated by the Reavers who are doing what they can to chase down (and eat) the crew. They first come on the scene in the movie when the crew is attempting to increase their bank balance by robbing a payroll. River warns them of an impending attack and the action begins - and never really lets up until the movie ends.

Even though Serenity is really more of the series, you don’t have to have seen any of the episodes to enjoy the movie. It stands on its own to entertain and delight everyone.

And if you can’t wait, you can view the first 9 minutes of Serenity here.

Serenity Movie From Josh Whedon Firefly Malcolm Reynolds

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