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Bionics Test Game: How Bionic A Man Or Woman Are You?

bionic woman michelle ryan not nude bionic man image tv series screenshot dvd coverAfter Waking Up From A Bionic Install, You Need To Be Checked Over

A nice funky bit of flash game which makes you imagine you know what it’s like to test your bionics. Obviously (?) created in conjunction with the new movie The Bionic Woman, starring Michelle Ryan, it makes me remember of when Lee Majors, as The Six Million Dollar Man was the coolest character on TV: his really cool hair, slow-mo fast running, really groovy orange jump suit, the amazing intro tune and even the comic which was around for a while. The Bionic Woman of the 70s was rubbish even at the time. Just a piggy-back series.

The Bionic Man comic included stickers you could peel off and stick to your arms, absolutely fantastic, until you realise they’re pretty permenant, and you realise you don’t have super strength when you’re blubbering like a baby as the hairs on your arms are being pulled out by the roots. Ah, the good old days, eh?

Well, nowerdays, The Six Million Dollar Man is dated, in terms of the technology and even filming effects. His clothes are even worse, they’re laughable. The stories are fluent and would be ok to develop for modern times. Sadly, when I watched it a year or so ago, it just wasn’t what I remembered.

Let’s hope the The Bionic Woman series bring the 70s coolness into the 21st century a bit quicker than stuttering slo-mo effects.

Erm.. oh yeah, the game: found on scifichick.com. Go and play, it’s a fun hand and eye coordination thinking game.

bionic woman not nude michelle ryan man game flash tv series image screenshot dvd cover

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