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Lost Series 4 Finale

Lost TV Series Theory Generator IdeasLost Series 4 : The End

Ok, here’s some random, off the top of my head, guesses about what is going on in LOST Series 2:

The numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 are biblical references which somehow mirror what is going on in LOST.

Mr Eko is a such a mad bloke that the dark, evil sentient cloud is actually scared of him (or rather, Mr Eko can face his own demons).

The Island is manifesting people’s desires into a physical state.

The button is a red herring, nothing will happen if it’s not pressed.

The passengers are being killed off in the order they would have done had they died on the plane (similar to Final Destination the movie). So the climax of the series will be at the end of Series 4 where there’s just one survivor absolutely scared out of their wits, and promptly dieing of fright. - (Blimey, I hope not!)

The production team for LOST just wanted an excuse to party it up in the Bahamas; sun, sea, sand.

I think that LOST is some of the best tv broadcast in a long time - simply because it’s so chaotic, unpredicatable and is always getting the viewer to ask, “what the…?”

And if you don’t already know, I’m behind the rest of the world; I’m only just watching the middle half of the first half of LOST Series 2.

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