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10 Business Lessons From Battlestar Galactica

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10 Business Lessons From Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Female CylonsThe people of Battlestar Galactica have lived through a recession you wouldn’t believe. With dwindling resources, a skeleton crew, enemies constantly lurking out of view, and a pervasive threat of annihilation, Admiral Adama navigates the vast unknown. Like any leader, he makes his share of mistakes - sometimes with devastating consequences. But regardless of the fate of that ragtag fleet, the tale of Galactica is rife with lessons that can benefit any business leader.

With such entries as Don’t neglect training, Don’t store all your backups in one place and Seek strategic alliances with competitors, it’s easy to see how certain aspects of BSG can relate to the real business world.

Just remember this is real life vs fiction, so don’t go flyin’ a Viper through your place of work, it might not reflect on you too well.

See 10 Business Lessons From Battlestar Galactica on ITWorld.

What next, 10 Business Lessons From SAW IV?

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