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Glow Paint Ceilings: Star Wars: Star Trek: Doctor Who: Fantasy: Star Scenes

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Glow Paint Ceilings: Star Wars: Star Trek: Doctor Who: Fantasy: Star Scenes

glowing special paint image ceiling glow in the dark image screenshotCosmic Ceilings: Glow In The Dark 3D Effect Imagery

Grant Hicks is a painter with a slight difference, he paints Cosmic Ceilings, scenes from outer space onto mainly bedroom ceilings.

Using specialist glow paint (which is actually invisible during the day) he creates stars, shooting stars, blackholes and other such images. These ceilings can only be seen in the dark. They look truly amazing as they have a 3D effect, and you feel as though you are actually looking up to the stars.

He can also do themed ceilings such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and fantasy scenes (images of which you can see below).

He also trains people to do this for a living as self-employed ‘Startists’.

Images Of Ceilings Painted And Websites:
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Touring Exhibition Of Sci-Fi Movie Props And Costumes: Invasion: Doctor Who, Terminator, Alien, Predator, Star Wars, RoboCop, Mars Attacks, X-Files

invasion exhibition scifi props diy exhibition star wars doctor who not nudeHow Would You Like To Hire A Travelling Scifi Exhibition?

Well here’s a site, Invasion, which contains everything you need, regardless of available space, to host a successful and engaging temporary exhibition.

It can be set up in one day and the ‘loan package’ as they call it, includes spectacular exhibits, display cases, plinths, large format photography and detailed show cards.

There’s also a promotional package which includes customisable poster art, press release flyers / press ads., high quality promotional material and ‘tested bolt-on event ideas’.

You also get an Invasion magazine, Invasion photography and Invasion merchandise.

You can see some of the exhibits here and more here.

Invasion’s range includes Stormtroopers, Jawas and Darth Vader from Star Wars; Robocop; The Terminator’s Chassis and Predator prosthetics.

From reading the press’ thoughts (pdf), the children have loved it (and I bet a fair few adults too), their smiling faces a testment to how they enjoy coming face to face with real-life movie-star-props. It would make a neat surprise birthday or christmas present or a kinky honeymoon addition for any budding scifi enthusiast.

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