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The Wolfman HD Trailer

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The Wolfman HD Trailer

More memorable than An American Werewolf In London?
Submit Your Video For Inclusion.

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Undead Or Alive On DVD: Competition

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Undead Or Alive On DVD: Competition

Undead Or Alive CoverTo win one of three Undead Or Alive DVDs just answer this dead easy question:

Undead Or Alive was directed by:

A) Mark Fulgoni
B) Peter Smith
C) Glasgow Phillips
D) Mr Benn

Send you answers in through the competition page with the competition you’re entering (Undead Or Alive), your answer, name, age and email address.

Don’t forget to check out the other competitions!

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Undead Or Alive DVD Details And Synopsis

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Undead Or Alive DVD Details And Synopsis

Undead Or Alive

The hilarious, slap stick western horror, with a little bit of romance and lots of zombie carnage, is available to own and rent on DVD from 13th April 2009.

The hilarious and side-splitting horror movie Undead Or Alive, combines gun-slinging cowboys, corrupt sheriffs, Apache warriors and Native American ancient curses resulting in a zombified slapstick Old West comedy - a Zomedy! Hurry to get yours on DVD from 13th April 2009 - before the Zombies come after your brains!

Elmer Winslow is a soldier on the run from the Union Army and local cowboy Luke Budd is nursing a broken heart. After a scuffle, the misfits find themselves locked up the local clink by the towns corrupt and evil Sheriff Claypool. When they manage to escape the lockup, rob the Sheriff and flee the town they have no idea that a plague of Zombies are sweeping through the country.
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SCAR 3D DVD Details And Synopsis

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SCAR 3D DVD Details And Synopsis

SCAR 3D: Get your 3D Glasses and Bucket Out

The nauseatingly gore filled horrors of SCAR will be available in petrifying 3D for a limited time only from 2nd March 2009. Grab your copy, which includes 2 pairs of free 3D glasses, and get ready to experience a truly scarring horror-fest.

In the small town of Ovid, Colorado, Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis) manages to escape from the evil clutches of Ernie Bishop, the local undertaker who had a penchant for the torture, mutilation and murder of teenage girls. As the sole survivor of Bishop’s sadistic reign of terror Joan becomes the local hero.

Sixteen years later, still carrying the scars of her ordeal, Joan returns to her hometown for the first time to see her niece, Olympia (Kirby Bliss Blanton), crowned Prom Queen. Soon after her arrival, strange murders begin to take place, with teenagers - specifically Olympia’s friends - being abducted and gory ‘clues’ are being left behind. At first, Joan fears that Bishop has somehow returned from the grave and fears for her own sanity.
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Murky Depths: Issue Two Review

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Murky Depths: Issue Two Review

Murky Depths Issue Two CoverMurky Depths: Issue Two / Review
“The Quarterly Anthology Of Graphically Dark Speculative Fiction”


  • The Art Of War / David Ryan
  • Duchess Street / Kurt Kirchmeier / Frankie Wallington
  • With A Whimper With A Bang / D.M. Moehrle / Paul O’Connell
  • Super-size Security / A.R. Yngve
  • The Dark Gospel, Part One, Tin-Man / Luke Cooper
  • Yellow Warbler / Jason Sizemore / Michael Lomon
  • Bernadette And The Sirens / Hannah Davey / Martin Deep
  • The Litter / Katherine Patterson / James Fletcher
  • Death And The Maiden, Part Two / Richard Calder
  • Venus And The Birth Of Zephyrus / Sarah Wagner / Mark Bell
  • The Last Flight / Silvanus Moxley
  • SPOIL, Part One / Stan Nicholls / Edward R. Norden
  • Hair Of The Dog / Edward Morris / Timothy Shepherd
  • Firewallburn / Dave Ryan / Dennis Hopeless
  • Phantom Payment / Willie Meikle / Ricky Martin
  • Poppets / Mike Driver / Mark Bell
  • Church Of Saturn / Alex Wilson

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