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The Hundred Year Climax: By Bob Lock

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The Hundred Year Climax: By Bob Lock

WARNING: Might not be suitable for younger readers: contains swear words and is of a scifi sexual nature - viewer discretion is advised.

The Hundred Year Climax

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Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock: Screaming Dreams

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Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock: Screaming Dreams

Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock

Flames Of Herakleitos is a publication from publishers of Estronomicon, a fantasy, scifi, horror eZine which contains short fiction, artist showcases, interviews and book reviews. They have since branched out into publishing printed novels; Flames being one of seven currently available. With this background, it is unsurprising that Flames is embedded strongly in horror and fantasy (less so in scifi).

The cover artwork is catchy from a distance (so good for book shelves). You can see from the image it’s predominantly red, yellow, white and black - very eye catching. Unfortunately, close up, the front image looks blurry around the edges and is bland. It wouldn’t make you want to investigate the contents, and it really doesn’t do the story areas justice. A picture of a bloke with wings, with not much detail doesn’t help ’sell’ the book at all. It’s a shame, as the image of the back cover is much more impressive.

Ok, book covers don’t make or break a book (much), so how does the story hold up?

Initially, as we’re first introduced to the characters, the pace is quite slow. Somehow, due to the overly descriptive narrative, the drama of Lucy’s father burning up is lost. After a couple of chapters, we are shown another world, but the description focuses on the characters rather than the surroundings and neither the location nor the people present, came alive for me.
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What Visions In The Dark Of Light: By Bob Lock

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What Visions In The Dark Of Light: By Bob Lock

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What Visions In The Dark Of Light!

By Bob Lock

Beckett only realised how dark his world had been after the removal of cataracts late in his life. For me it was the realisation of how dark the world really is, now, for each and everyone, and will continue to be so unless I can convince you otherwise. However, it wasn’t cataract removal that lifted the veil for me; it was a dead man’s eyes. Let me attempt to lift the veil from yours.

For twenty-eight years I’ve stumbled around in the darkness. My hands have been my eyes; they give me dimensions, distances, compositions, textures, many many things, but they are a poor substitute for vision. I could never tell you what a blue sky, a tomato, a simple thing like a green pea looked like. Oh, I could describe its size, feeling, weight but never its colour, its delicate shades and nuances, the way light would coruscate over the ripe contours of a dew-laden bunch of grapes. These are things which were lost to me, until recently. But I should go back, explain my handicap a little and tell you of its cure, and yes, also tell you of the bigger handicap which that cure brought with it. Whether you believe me or not remains to be seen…

‘President O’Connor has stated he will not bow to the demands of the terrorists. USAF jets are already in the air, and should the threat to blow up the cruise ship with all three thousand passengers on board be carried out, then retaliation in the form of a surgical nuclear strike will go ahead. As of yet we have had no reply from the terrorist leader Konrad Naiman, however there are unconfirmed reports that the Navy Seals did manage to disable the vessel before being overcome. Casualties are reported to be high. The Sea Urchin now lies adrift six hundred and fifty miles off the east coast of America, and should the dirty bomb onboard be exploded, fallout is thought to be negligible. However, the ship itself would be completely destroyed.’
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Fiction Magazine: Issue 4

scifi horror fiction magazine issue 4 four fantasy magazine cover fiction magazineFiction Magazine : Issue Four

Reviewed By Gareth D. Jones

Since issue #3, Fiction magazine has moved to PDF format, with the possibility of moving back to print in the future. I don’t find on-line magazines as exciting as having an actual printed magazine in your hand, but the editors are maintaining the standard of fiction established in their first two print editions.

The first and longest story is An Act of Mercy by Sarah Hughes. It’s a multi-stranded story that initially left me confused due to the similarity of character’s names in different threads (Ryan, Rayne, Reuben). This meant that I had to keep checking back , breaking the flow of the story. Several typos didn’t help too. Getting past these problems, it was an interesting story of viruses, nanobots, androids and a sprinkling of very diverse characters to add to the interest. I’m tempted to say it was almost too ambitious, introducing enough characters to sustain a much longer piece. The complex plot was entertaining though and the android characters were particularly well developed.

Gareth L Powell’s contribution is A Necklace of Ivy, a realistically rendered tale set against the backdrop of a mysterious alien plague sweeping through Cornwall. A young couple are making their way out of the county in advance of an army curfew, but make the mistake of stopping for one last break. The realistic dialogue and briefly sketched description make it a compelling little tale.
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