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Dead End City: The Series: Pilot Episode
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5:13 am
August 29, 2008



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Gary Graham (Star Trek, Alien Nation) stars in the TV pilot Dead End City, TV’s homage to Sin City. His sexy co-stars include Dani Lennon, Misty Madden, and Mandy May - who is soon to be seen on Sci-Fi Channel’s Sanctuary.

You can get more at the Dead End City The Series official website, including behind the scenes video and photos, a trailer and images of the cast.

Looks like a hard-core, zombie-fest in the extreme. It actually looks like the major usage of green screen has paid off. It gives it an ‘unreal’ and almost comic book effect. Film noir?

There’s a sneak-peek of the pilot below:

Thanks to Jeff Varga (the director).

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5:01 am
September 1, 2008


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Hey really liked the pilot preview and also managed to watch the rest of the behind the scenes. Looks interesting, especially the way it uses CGI and green screen, gives it a certain look. And really like the way there's a narrative from the detective, it gives it a 40s or 50s image. :)

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