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wonderful seasons monk


6:42 am
March 24, 2010



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 Monk caught me from the very first episode. I love monk. Every episode, and I mean every episode is gold.Monk dvd 1-8 is no different. monk dvd boxset  is a fantastic season, with Tony Shaloub at his very best. What a versatile actor he is. He seems to seamlessly fitinto any part he attempts to do.
 I love the character of monk dvd boxset and virtually everyone who watches it is also hookedon HIM. monk dvd boxset is a former San Francisco police department detective who had to go onto disability from the force because his OCD psychiatric disorder incredibly worsened after his wife was murdered by a fire bomb in her car. On its face, this sounds like it could be offensive as it satirizes a mental disorder. However, monk dvd is so lovable yet so aggravating with his OCD disorder that it works.monk dvd now consults with the police department. The reason he is such a good detective is because of his OCD. He notices everything. He is a fountain of information, including esoteric trivia, which he gravitates towards due to his illness. Put it all together and he can reach amazing deductions although he drives everyone around him completely bats.


7:55 pm
April 28, 2010




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Monk is rubbish!!

5:17 pm
February 21, 2012


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Monk sux! Go away

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