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The Fix: Short Fiction Review Magazine
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12:09 am
August 26, 2008

Roy Gray


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Short Fiction Review Magazine, The Fix, Relaunches Online

TTA Press, publisher of renowned short fiction showcases Interzone, Black Static, and Crimewave, also published The Fix. The latter in its print incarnation, provided critical analyses and reviews of an extensive range of short fiction.

Now, The Fix has relaunched in a new, online format, once again providing a venue for critical coverage of speculative short fiction across the full spectrum of magazines, webzines, anthologies, and single-author collections.

Publisher Andy Cox predicts that The Fix will grow into the hub for aficionados and practitioners of short fiction to visit for news and commentary relevant to the community.

Managing Editor Eugie Foster, arriving to helm The Fix fresh from a distinguished career as managing editor of Tangent Online, plans to spotlight short fiction in all its myriad mediums: print, online, audio, and film.

In addition to its core content of short fiction reviews, The Fix will publish feature articles, exclusive interviews, and regular columns on writing, speculative poetry, audiobooks, podcasts, and short film.

Editors and publishers interested in sending material for review consideration in The Fix should go to:

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7:22 pm
October 29, 2008


Forum Addict


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The Fix’s One-Year Anniversary!

 The Fix online  reached its first anniversary in excellent shape. At launch on October 15, 2007, the objectives were to publish comprehensive reviews of short fiction and poetry from magazines, e-zines, anthologies, and single-author collections; articles and columns highlighting short form works in a myriad of mediums; and interviews with writers, editors, and publishers.  

The dedication and enthusiasm of The Fix’s hard-working and committed staff reviewers, columnists, and feature writers have produced over 400 reviews examining more than 40 print magazines, 26 e-zines, nearly 60 anthologies, and over 40 single-author collections. The Fix has also published nearly 70 feature articles and column instalments and 26 exclusive interviews. So it’s been a great year!  

Editor Eugie Foster seeks diversity in The Fix’s contributors and the publications it reviews as she believes people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities provide a richer degree of viewpoint and creative perspective.  In addition to its U.S. and UK reviewers, The Fix also boasts contributors from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, and the Netherlands, and publications in its regular review rotation originate from Australia, Canada, and South Africa in addition to the U.S. and UK.

The Fix's writers are looking forward to providing readers with many more reviews, interviews, and articles during the second year of publication, including the continuation of James Van Pelt’s column, “The Day Job,” Jennifer Mercer’s “Distillations: Speculative Poetry Review,” Matthew M. Foster’s “Flickers on the Wall: Reflections on Short Film,” and Paul S. Jenkins’s look at audio fiction, “From the Podosphere.” Additionally in 2009, a new column from Scott D. Danielson will be introduced. Scott will examine short form Hugo award-winners chronologically, starting from the award’s inception. He will also continue penning his “Audiobook Fix” column on an irregular basis. And, of course, readers will see many more interviews of writers and industry professionals from Marshall Payne and articles from Nader Elhefnawy.

Although much of the material on The Fix relates to SF genre publications, there is no bar on genre or class. All English language short fiction and poetry in their many possible forms are grist for The Fix’s mill.

So if you're looking for a review of a short fiction publication, The Fix is the place to go; if you're an editor or publisher of short fiction, check out the contact page for information on how to submit review copies; and if you're interested in joining The Fix's team of reviewers, contact Eugie Foster.

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