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What Visions In The Dark Of Light: By Bob Lock
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12:47 am
August 27, 2008



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What Visions In The Dark Of Light!

By Bob Lock

Beckett only realised how dark his world had been after the removal of cataracts late in his life. For me it was the realisation of how dark the world really is, now, for each and everyone, and will continue to be so unless I can convince you otherwise. However, it wasn’t cataract removal that lifted the veil for me; it was a dead man’s eyes. Let me attempt to lift the veil from yours.

For twenty-eight years I’ve stumbled around in the darkness. My hands have been my eyes; they give me dimensions, distances, compositions, textures, many many things, but they are a poor substitute for vision. I could never tell you what a blue sky, a tomato, a simple thing like a green pea looked like. Oh, I could describe its size, feeling, weight but never its colour, its delicate shades and nuances, the way light would coruscate over the ripe contours of a dew-laden bunch of grapes. These are things which were lost to me, until recently. But I should go back, explain my handicap a little and tell you of its cure, and yes, also tell …

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12:53 am
August 27, 2008



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In just read that off the main post and i was a bit disturbed. The words were ok, but I wasn't sure I liked the endingl. It was a nice read. Let's see more - do you do anything else, like novels or anything?

12:54 am
August 27, 2008



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There should a short story forum i think. Laughing

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