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Black Static Issue 3
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12:04 am
August 26, 2008



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Black Static’s Dark Place
(Number 3 Out Feb 2007).

Matthew Holness AKA Gareth Marenghi of the eponymous cult TV show has a story in Black Static 3, which has just gone to the printer and will be out, early, in February.

The Toad and I” by Matthew Holness. The author is a “A real life TV star, most famous for his Gareth Marenghi character (absolutely brilliant — hope you’ve seen it)” and he won the 2001 Perrier Comedy Award, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s top prize.

Also two debut stories, The Morning After, is Carole Johnstone’s first author credit anywhere. Carole is a Scot now living in Essex.

Seth Skorkowsky’s The Mist of Lichthafen is his first story sale but he’s since sold other stories and they saw the light of publication before there was space for him in BS 3.

16th in Interzone’s all time list of fiction contributors (13 stories) is Alexander Glass and here he is in BS 3 with The Pit. He’s back with a story about depression, and it’s good. Stylistically different from his earlier stories let’s hope it’s the first of many.

Ian Faulkner was first published in Crimewave and has another story coming up …

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12:57 am
August 27, 2008



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I got a hold of it, and even though it's not my kind of thing, i thought the art was ok - one or two of the stories were ok. But i'm into hard scifi so I'd like to know what other people think.

11:05 am
August 27, 2008


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You are right Pete Black Static does not publish hard SF or even 'soft' SF though The Fantasy Jumper in that issue is very close. What did you think of that?

Try Interzone for more SF short stories and features.

More about the next issue will be posted here soon

12:22 am
October 2, 2008


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Black Static 7 is due out any time now.  There are reviews of Black Static 6 here and here.

7:53 pm
December 16, 2008


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The printer sent us many more copies of Black Static 8 than we needed, so we’ve decided to offer a FREE COPY to every new subscriber between now and the publication in February of issue 9 or until we run out of issue 8, whichever comes first.


To take advantage of this offer CLICK HERE to enter the shop. Follow the simple instructions, and make sure you write BS8 Offer in the Shopper’s Reference field. That bit’s very important, without it you won’t receive the extra free copy.


The offer applies to all subscriptions to Black Static: both six-issue and twelve-issue subscriptions and both dual subscription offers with Interzone.


The shop can accept any credit/debit card and paypal.


And have a good Christmas and New Year or whatever other seasonal celebration suits you, whatever your reaction to this offer.



12:07 pm
December 31, 2008


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There is an E reader/E book edition of Black Static which can be downloaded relatively cheaply from Fictionwise. All 6 of the first year's issues are now on Fictionwise as BS6 has just been uploaded. BS7 is due to be posted there soon.

You can subscribe to electronic editions or buy them individually. Fictionwise hold TTA press publications in a host of formats so virtually all E readers are covered and you don't lose your library if you change your E reader.

TTA's first published novel Alison by Andrew Humphrey (a horror novel set in East Anglia) is also on Fictionwise now.

Obviously I have posted this for all those visitors lucky enough to have received an E reader at Christmas. 604

5:49 pm
January 16, 2009


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This is the cover for Black Static 9, due out in February. This time we have, quelle horreur,  horror from the young and upcoming French author Aliette de Bodard. 784

5:32 pm
April 6, 2009


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Black Static 10 will be out after Easter and this issue should appear in more retail book and magazine outlets beyond its usual SF/F genre specialists. Look out for it in Borders. It has a nice bilious green/yellow cover. by David Gentry.

There are new stories by Christopher Fowler, Gary McMahon, James Cooper, Shannon Page, Maura McHugh and Scott Lambridis and the usual columns and reviews. 1150

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