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Jane Webb: Illumination Illumini Cyborg Artwork
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6:28 pm
August 15, 2008



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Illumination Extravaganza: Illumini

15 artists come together to create an extraordinary exhibition of light in an underground crypt.

Curated by Jane Webb

The Crypt, St Pancras Church
Euston Rd / Duke’s Rd, London, NW1 2BA (nearest tube Euston Station)

4th September – 17th September
Open daily 11am- 7pm Free Admission

Opening Night Thursday 4th September, 6pm – 9pm.
Free Admission.
All welcome.

ARTISTS : Mercedes Altuna, Madi Boyd, David Chalkley, Vincenzo Di Maria, Lewis Hayward, Caroline Lambard, Jayne Lloyd, Liz murfitt, Adrian Navarro, Silviu Pascalin, Suzan Swale, Matthew Swift, Andrea Tyrimos, Jane Webb and Deon Winter.

Illumini is supported by Mathmos, who will be displaying a range of their latest products also supported by Surelight Glowsafe and the Glass bar

An electrifying new exhibition with a difference, starting with a opening night on the 4th Sept, which is complimented with a full evening of free entertainment. Light shows, circus acts and performance artists, working with illumination taking place through out the crypt. This is no PV night, this is an evening where everybody is welcome, Illumini will not just showcase art it will entertain, introducing all communities that may not normally visit the arts to a different approach.

Illumini brings together a variety of artists, all sharing a passion for the subject of light. Set in the famous St Pancras crypt, these impressive pieces of artwork come to life in this desolate and unsettling environment. Come along to experience the illuminatory and dazzling effect this diverse collection of artwork has on the crypt’s dark environment.

Travel down abandoned corridors and venture into secret recesses to explore a wide variety of artwork. The pieces range from photographs and paintings depicting light, to sculptural works that literally glow; at once transforming the crypt’s murky and shadowy atmosphere like never before.

Jane says a few words:

I am a London based mixed media artist that primarily works in glass and lighting for my Commissioned work. For my mixed media installation and sculptural work, recycled computer and electronic components are assimilated. The simplicity and complexity of circuit board patterns are a strong influence along with imagery of robotics.

I graduated in Glass & Fine Art Post Grad Certificate, at Central St Martins in 2006 and had a piece on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I have also been sort listed for the ‘Inspire by Awards’ & ‘Pride in the House’ and the ‘Future Design Awards’ and a guest artist at the London Sci- fi film festival . My most recent project im organising and exhibiting in, called Illumini, will be an illumination extravaganza which will be held in a grade 1 listed crypt in London with 15 artists in September 08

At present my experimental sculptures and installations are influenced by technological advancements in the area of prosthetics and cybernetics. For example, the rapid human advancement in cybernetic technology, at the Southampton University “The Southampton Hand”.

Even though my art is perceived as science fiction, it is however heavily influenced by everyday science fact! After all Science fiction plays a important roll in the science of the future.
We use tools such as computers and internet which extends our visual memory and other powers beyond what our human bodies are capable of.

Initially technology was created as a time saving device and memory aids. However, we now appear to be co-dependent on them.

Is technology acting like a virus destroying our humanity and turning us into cybernetic humanoids!
Our perceptions are that technology is speed, efficiency and enhancement. The mobile phone is like a portable life support machine, the average person already looking like a cyborg with a blue tooth attachment to their ear, a digital watch strapped to their wrist and plugged into an Ipod.

It does make you wonder how close we are to becoming cyborgs already!

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