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Are you involved in authoring or production of SciFi material? Be it films, artwork, novels, magazines, short stories. Send us some of your work, and we’ll be pleased to review it for you.

Or maybe you’ve felt yourself wanting to express your thoughts on anything SF related? Maybe you’ve seen a movie you particularly like or dislike; that you have strong feelings about. Maybe you’ve just finished a novel, whereupon you just said ‘What the..?’; and had to stop, think, and then re read the book again as it blew your mind.

If you are busting to tell someone you can do so right now. And you can contribute pretty much anything!

Or maybe you’d like to be involved with the editorial process? Being a lover of the genre, would you like to put your ‘addiction’ to use by writing about it for public viewing?

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We always value comments, questions or general feedback from our readers. If you wish to directly contact someone then please remember to mention their name.

You can use this form to contact us if you wish to contribute an article, review or just to use SciFi UK as a platform for general banter (full credit will be given).

Privacy: We respect your privacy to the full and therefore email addresses entered will NOT be sold or given away. We may, however, from time to time, email out any updates or major changes regarding this site only and only if you explicitly say you wish to be notified.

Thank you for filling the form out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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