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Above And Beyond: Wildcards Squadron on DVD?

Kristen Cloke photospace above and beyond wild cards squardon space ship dvd cover artwork screenshotSpace Above And Beyond: The Wildcards Squadron

Q) Hi guys,
Do you know if the excellent scifi series Space Above And Beyond about the Wild Cards Squadron will be shown on TV again? Also, can it be obtained on DVD???

Many thanks.

Keep up the good work.

A) None of us know! But it would be really neat if it came back, as I missed it previously.

If any of you have any ideas, then hop over to the contact form and let us know!

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Stargate The Arc Of Truth And Extra Episodes

stargate episodes space ship dvd cover artwork screenshotStargate: The Arc Of Truth

Q) Can you tell me if you will be showing the extra episodes of Stargate that continue to 10.5 episodes that the usa Scifi Channel is showing.

And also when the new Stargate film The Arc of Truth will be available to buy in the U.K. Thank you.

A) We haven’t been following Stargate the series at all, so no ideas there.

We mentioned Stargate episode 200 a while back, and realised it would take a long, long time to catch up.

If any of you Scifi addicts out there have any ideas, let us know via the contact form.

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Woman: Screams: Experimenting: Underground Military Complex: Alien

woman screams experiment experimenting underground military alien 80s movie Woman Hears Screams, Follows To An Underground Bunker And Finds An Alien

Q) Wendy says, “Hi! I hope you can help! I am looking for the title of a 80’s (possibly late 70’s) sci-fi film that played a zillion times on cable in early 80’s.

It’s about a woman who hears sounds/screams in her head, a ‘calling’ if you will. She and her man travel across country/desert to get to source of it and find an underground military facility that was housing and experimenting on aliens that had crashed to earth.

She could ‘hear’ the last remaining one and they both break into and out of the facility to rescue the alien. The girl is a blond and the actor playing the man was in a lot of suporting rolls in the 80’s. Please help? What movie am I speaking about?”

A) I’m afraid we came up blank again, Wendy. Even using search engines didn’t help - though possibly I didn’t use the right search words…

So, if any of you out there any ideas, please let us know via the contact form. And get famous(ish).

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Music Track Drum And Bass On Scifi Channel Trailers

scifi uk com image cover tv advert drum and bassMusic Track Drum And Bass On Scifi Channel Trailers

Q) Love to find out what music is used for the sci fi channel trailers. the track I’m refering to is a drum and bass track, but can’t find reference to it anywhere.

can you help?

A) It’s one of those weird things. I know it and recognise it, but I can’t remember it. I think we should start doing a ‘answered/not answered ratio’ ’cause our ratio ain’t so good at the moment…

And I’m also guessing you mean the UK Scifi Tv Channel?

If you have any ideas, please let us know via the contact form. And get famous(ish).

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The Sirens Of Titan Artwork: Kurt Vonnegut: Coronet Edition

kurt vonnegut sirens of titan bookcover cover image coronetQ) Desperately looking to find name of cover artist for Coronet edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan published in 1970’s.

Doesn’t say anywhere in the book and publishers no help at all! Any suggestions?

A) This is another of those questions which we wish we could answer, but after a some hefty searches, and asking some people ‘in the know’, we’ve come up blank.

Suprisingly, even when looking at image specific search engines. This is a shame, as I’m not sure what the 1970s cover of Sirens Of Titan looked like, and some of the older covers are a lot blander, and at the same time more effective, than today’s glossy, colourful cover artwork.

Anyone know the answer? Let us know!

If there’s any Scifi Question you’d like to ask us, then let us know and we’ll bust our brains to find the answer!

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