Destroy All Humans 2 : Anthony Head Is Lead Voice

destroy all humans two 2 screenshot logo coverGET A. HEAD AND DESTROY ALL HUMANS! ®

THQ (UK) announces Anthony Head as lead voice over for Destroy All Humans! 2

Woking, Surrey – 6th September 2006 – THQ (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of THQ Inc., today announces Anthony Head as lead voice over in the upcoming Destroy All Humans! ® 2 expected to be released in Fall 2006 for Xbox® video and game entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

Anthony Head voices Ponsonby, a well coiffed human and head of MI5, who is introduced to help the lead aliens, Crypto and POX, fight against the KGB. However, as the game progresses, Ponsonby is not necessarily who he appears to be. With the unexpected twists and turns, it appears that no human can be trusted. To succeed, players should remember to live by the motto, “Make War Not Love.”
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Galactic Civilisations II: Dread Lord and Dark Age Of Camelot - Darkness Rising Reviewed on PC

pc game reviews console xbox 360 ps2 game reviews scifiPC Games Reviewed By Alan Fraser

Galactic Civilisations II: Dread Lords and Dark Age of Camelot – Darkness Rising

This month our postbag has included a multi-player online role playing game and a space conquest strategy game. In my last column I praised the simulation game “The Sims 2”, and that now has a new expansion pack “Open for Business”. This primarily adds the (challenging) resource management required to run a successful small business, but it does have one SFnal element – robots. Instead of hiring Sims to work for you, you can buy a Robot Crafting Station and make several different types of robots to carry out tasks in your business and home. They don’t need to be paid, but the downside is that they can break down with very negative consequences – for example a robot that runs amok can kill Sims. The new expansion pack has been very well received, although some players were hoping that much-loved packs available for the original “The Sims” game, such as holidays (“Vacation”) and pet-keeping (“Unleashed”), would have “Sims 2” versions released first. (The “Pets” expansion pack will in fact be released in Oct 2006).
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