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XBOX360 Download Babylon 5: Scifi Movies

xbox live marketplace image logo graphic screenshotDownload Your Fave SciFi Movies Through Your XBOX 360

Xbox 360 is the first and only gaming console to provide HD and standard-definition TV shows and movies straight to your console’s hard drive! Every week, Xbox LIVE releases exciting new TV and film titles like Dreamgirls, Charlotte’s Web, Babel, Friends, all of your favourite
anime shows, and the Chappelle Show!

For more information, please visit:

It just so happens that this week and in weeks to come, your favorite sci-fi movies are premiering including all of the Babylon 5 films, and lots of anime TV shows!

It’s simple! Purchase Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or at retail locations and redeem them in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for your favorite movies and television shows!

This is a customer services public broadcast (AKA press release).

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The Darkness Game : Top Cow Comics : Xbox360 : PS2 : 2K Games

darkness xbox game image2K Games To Publish The Darkness, A Console Game Based On Renowned Comic Book Franchise

The Darkness Videogame to Feature First-person Action in Gritty,Urban New York Environments and Dark Otherworld

2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), announced today that it will publish and distribute The Darkness, a premier videogame based on the popular comic book franchise. The Darkness is currently in development for next generation console systems and will be released on 29th June.

Under development by renowned Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios, The Darkness is based on the best-selling comic book series from Top Cow Productions and utilises an internally developed next-generation game engine. The Darkness will feature a distinct blend of dark modern crime drama and supernatural horror with intense first-person non-linear gameplay.

The Darkness videogame is a dynamic first-person shooter that will allow players to call upon the forces of the evil underworld as they fight in gritty, urban environments armed with an arsenal of guns, demonic creatures and supernatural powers.” said Christoph Hartmann, Managing Director of 2K Games. “The dark and dynamic comic book storyline that fans love will translate well into first-person action.”
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28 Weeks Later Game


Play the game of the movie, 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. Due out May 11th 2007.

Successfully infect London and you’ll get to see some excluse footage of 28 Weeks Later!

Full instructions are included and the graphics are suprisingly good.

Your own discretion is advisable; the hidden footage probably isn’t suitable for anyone of a nervous disposition.

See all articles about 28 Weeks Later, including interviews with the cast and crew, images and trailers and production notes.

28 weeks later game screenshot dvd movie film cover

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St. Valentine’s Day: Lost Board Game

Ideal Present For Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day

Do you struggle to know what to get your other half for St. Valentine’s Day? Well, worry no more.

Forget chocolates, flowers and bath bombs.

What you need is something unique, something which shows how much you care for them, how much you treasure them:

What’s more romantic than a Lost Board Game. Based on the successful hit TV show Lost. It was developed in conjunction with the show producers and will keep you and your loved one(s) entertained with themes taken from the show.

I’ve got no idea what the rules are, and how you’d ‘complete’ the game, but I was suprised to find this on a site called ‘What Women Want’!

I’d play as Sawyer.

Don’t Be erm.. LOST! Check This Place Out! It’s A Game!

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LEGO Star Wars II For Mobile

lego star wars ii 2 for mobile screen imageLEGO STAR WARS II

Use the force to find and rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. The battle against the dark side returns to mobile!

With a comical take on the Star Wars Trilogy that revolutionized pop culture forever, LEGO Star Wars II includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

Features Include:
· Take on the role of your favourite Star Wars character including Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 and battle to find Princess Leia.

· Wield your Lightsaber against battle droids, droid commanders and droidekas.

· Use your mastery of the Force to move LEGO objects and build new pathways as you explore the ship.

· Use the force to move Lego blocks to be used as weapons.

· 18 levels over 4 separate missions.

· Automatically adjusting difficulty levels.

· Featuring classic music from the original films.

To Preview LEGO Star Wars II:

To Get LEGO Star Wars 2 For Your Mobile:
text LSW 2 to 88188 (standard text rates apply - UK only).

Click [more] for screenshots and media links.
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