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Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars: Mobile Phone Game

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Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars: Mobile Phone Game

empire strikes back image screenshot star wars ii 2 for mobile screen imageStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Reenactment On Your Mobile Phone

SW: TESBOM is an action/arcade game based around a series of fun and challenging mini-games where the player participates in the key events from the Episode V movie.

Take control of either Luke Skywalker or various Star Wars vehicles such as Snow Speeders or even the Millennium Falcon itself.

Travel through the various worlds of the Star Wars universe; fly through asteroid fields, train with Yoda, or even fight the mighty Imperial Forces on foot.

Key Features:

· Re-enact key scenes from the Empire Strikes Back!
· Jedi Combat/Training Mode featuring Yoda and Luke Skywalker
· Millennium Falcon game mode – Escape from the Star Destroyer through the asteroid field
· Train your force abilities with mini-games featuring the famous scenes with Yoda and Luke in the swamps of Degobah
· Easy control mechanism using contextual action points

Actual Screenshots And Purchase Info:
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LEGO Star Wars II For Mobile

lego star wars ii 2 for mobile screen imageLEGO STAR WARS II

Use the force to find and rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. The battle against the dark side returns to mobile!

With a comical take on the Star Wars Trilogy that revolutionized pop culture forever, LEGO Star Wars II includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

Features Include:
· Take on the role of your favourite Star Wars character including Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 and battle to find Princess Leia.

· Wield your Lightsaber against battle droids, droid commanders and droidekas.

· Use your mastery of the Force to move LEGO objects and build new pathways as you explore the ship.

· Use the force to move Lego blocks to be used as weapons.

· 18 levels over 4 separate missions.

· Automatically adjusting difficulty levels.

· Featuring classic music from the original films.

To Preview LEGO Star Wars II:

To Get LEGO Star Wars 2 For Your Mobile:
text LSW 2 to 88188 (standard text rates apply - UK only).

Click [more] for screenshots and media links.
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