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The Hills Have Eyes Game: Run For The Hills


The Hills Have Eyes Game: Run For The Hills

Click for The Hills Have Eyes: Run For The Hills: If you’re scared of dark tunnels, don’t play this! Find the exit to the mineshaft, while blasting pesky mutants along the way with your shotgun. Collect extra ammo, bonus items and batteries for your flashlight.

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Iron Man Game: Suit Test 3

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Iron Man Game: Suit Test 3

Click for Iron Man Mark 3 Suit Test: Includes a trailer to the film. 1) Final Assembly, 2) Altitude Control Test, 3) Directional Control Test, 4) Weapons Targetting Test. Time limit: 1 minute. Great hand eye coordination game, overlayed on images from the film.

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Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars: Mobile Phone Game

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Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars: Mobile Phone Game

empire strikes back image screenshot star wars ii 2 for mobile screen imageStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Reenactment On Your Mobile Phone

SW: TESBOM is an action/arcade game based around a series of fun and challenging mini-games where the player participates in the key events from the Episode V movie.

Take control of either Luke Skywalker or various Star Wars vehicles such as Snow Speeders or even the Millennium Falcon itself.

Travel through the various worlds of the Star Wars universe; fly through asteroid fields, train with Yoda, or even fight the mighty Imperial Forces on foot.

Key Features:

· Re-enact key scenes from the Empire Strikes Back!
· Jedi Combat/Training Mode featuring Yoda and Luke Skywalker
· Millennium Falcon game mode – Escape from the Star Destroyer through the asteroid field
· Train your force abilities with mini-games featuring the famous scenes with Yoda and Luke in the swamps of Degobah
· Easy control mechanism using contextual action points

Actual Screenshots And Purchase Info:
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Interactive Cross Website Game: GunShotsByComputer

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The Future Of Cinema And Computer Gaming?

What Would You Do If You Accidently Found Someone Crying Out For Help On A Hidden Website?

Chris Purnell, is writer/director of new Alternate Reality Game entitled Gun Shots By Computer - Part 1. The films where produced in Scotland and feature two rising stars of the Scottish acting world, Shian Denovan (Night Is Day) and Claire Dicarlo.

He says this about GSBC1:

Cinema goers are a dying breed and due to spiraling cost, cinemas will soon be a thing of the past. I believe there has to be a future to film, and I think the Internet will play a major role in that. Already people download movies from the Internet instead of going to the cinema; people would rather see a film for free. I understand that, as I am one of those people. So to reach out to those people you have to make the whole experience of watching a film more interesting for them. You have to give them a reason not to just download it. I believe we have created the format to do that.

Our web based films are set in an Orwellian world in the year 2032 which parallels our own
present. The story begins behind the website, HMV, where one girl gives a direct address to the camera done through the style of video blogs.
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Bionics Test Game: How Bionic A Man Or Woman Are You?

bionic woman michelle ryan not nude bionic man image tv series screenshot dvd coverAfter Waking Up From A Bionic Install, You Need To Be Checked Over

A nice funky bit of flash game which makes you imagine you know what it’s like to test your bionics. Obviously (?) created in conjunction with the new movie The Bionic Woman, starring Michelle Ryan, it makes me remember of when Lee Majors, as The Six Million Dollar Man was the coolest character on TV: his really cool hair, slow-mo fast running, really groovy orange jump suit, the amazing intro tune and even the comic which was around for a while. The Bionic Woman of the 70s was rubbish even at the time. Just a piggy-back series.

The Bionic Man comic included stickers you could peel off and stick to your arms, absolutely fantastic, until you realise they’re pretty permenant, and you realise you don’t have super strength when you’re blubbering like a baby as the hairs on your arms are being pulled out by the roots. Ah, the good old days, eh?

Well, nowerdays, The Six Million Dollar Man is dated, in terms of the technology and even filming effects. His clothes are even worse, they’re laughable. The stories are fluent and would be ok to develop for modern times. Sadly, when I watched it a year or so ago, it just wasn’t what I remembered.

Let’s hope the The Bionic Woman series bring the 70s coolness into the 21st century a bit quicker than stuttering slo-mo effects.

Erm.. oh yeah, the game: found on Go and play, it’s a fun hand and eye coordination thinking game.

bionic woman not nude michelle ryan man game flash tv series image screenshot dvd cover

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