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Free SciFi Audio Stories From Jim Patrick Kelly

Jim Kelly’s Experiment In Self-Audio-Publishing.

Jim Patrick Kelly has recorded some of his short stories and has posted them in the form of free audio books in MP3 files. They have all appeared in some outstanding journals such as Asimov’s Science Fiction, SciFiction, Realms Of Fantasy and The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction.

You can see from the list below that Jim has been writing for over two decades and the fact that he has put up his stories for free in audio format is a testement to his love of the genre.

You can tell this during his narrations too. As he says in the introduction, he is reading them as he thought them as he was writing them. His voice changes with the text, you can feel the emotion coming through every breath. The snippets of music during the start and at the end really add to the overall presentation. Thankfully there is no sound effects or added music during the text itself, making the true power of the words come through without any superfluous trimmings.

I hope that you get enjoyment from these free e-books, and in turn peruse his commercially available paperbound books and e-books.

  • Bierhorst, R. G., Seera, B. L. and Jannifer, R. P. ‘Proof of the Existence of God and an Afterlife.’ Journal of Experimental Psychology. (August 1998)
  • The Edge Of Nowhere (June 2005)
  • Barry Westphal Crashes The Singularity (September 2002)
  • Faith (June 1989)
  • The Best Christmas Ever (May 2004)
  • Serpent (May 2004)
  • Bernardo’s House (June 2003) (Rated R)
  • The Pyramid Of Amirah (March 2002)
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider (June 1997)
  • The Ice Is Singing (April 2003)
  • Monsters (June 1992)
  • Fruitcake Theory (December 1998)
  • Unique Visitors (2001)

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2000AD Judge Dredd 9: Dreddline

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