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Bollyhorror: Hell’s Ground: London Premiere, Director Q&As, At The ICA, London: Omar Ali Khan: Shilpa Shetty

zibahkhana hells ground bollyhorror image institute of contemporary arts ica edgar allen poe the ravenBOLLYHORROR! AT THE ICA, LONDON

A Season Of South Asian Horror

17– 31 August 2007, ICA, London

Directions to the ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH.
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18 August 2007 – Zibahkhana – Hell’s Ground London premiere with director Q&A

Zibahkhana – Hell’s Ground / Bhoot (Ghost) / Bandh Darwaza (Closed Door) / Purana Mandir (The Old Temple) / Nagin (The Female Snake) / Mahal (The Palace) / Darna Mana Hai (Don’t Be Afraid)

Celebrate the darker side of Bollywood with a season of Bollywood Horror at the ICA including the London premiere of Zibahkhana – Hell’s Ground Pakistan’s first gore movie on 18th August.

From 17 – 31 August, seven Bollyhorrors will be screened at the ICA charting the rise of the Horror genre from the south Asian movie industry. The classic ghost tale Mahal (The Palace – 1949), kicks off this season that takes us through to the 70’s and 80’s with murderous revenge thriller Nagin (The Female Snake - 1976 TBC) and the best of Bollywoods answer to Wes Craven; Shyam and Tulsi Ramsay’s films Purana Mandir (The Old Temple - 1984) unleashing Bollywood’s first homegrown monster and Bandh Darwaza (Closed Door - 1990) their homage to the Dracula stories. Demonic possessions come in the form of Bhoot (Ghost -2003) drawing inspiration from the Exorcist and Darna Mana Hai (2003). All culminating in an Exclusive preview of the first gore movie to come out of Pakistan Zibahkhana – Hell’s Ground(2006).

zibahkhana hells ground zombie zombi image screenshot bollyhorror image institute of contemporary arts ica edgar allen poe the ravenZibahkhana – Hell’s Ground

Pakistan’s first gore film Zibahkhana – Hell’s Ground is the first modern horror film to be shot in Pakistan. Made on a shoestring budget and breaking all of the rules of local productions Hells Ground unleashes a new generation of film making talent on audiences. Five teens get lost on their way to a rock concert, are menaced by flesh eating mutations and then fall into the clutches of a family of backwoods killers. The film includes copious amounts of gore alongside a splattering of social commentary and several slices of dark humour.

Directed by Omar Ali Khan, Pakistan 2006, 90mins, English subtitles.

Darna Mana Hai

Six friends get stranded in a dense forest after their car breaks down. They find an abandoned ruin, light a bonfire and therein begins the backdrop for each of them to share their own ghoulish stories with each other. From a husband trying to shock his wife, a schoolteacher spooked by a mysterious turnaround in an underperforming pupil to a bizarre hitchhiking experience. All these stories are underpinned by the mysterious disappearances of each of the friends throughout the night. Featuring Shilpa Shetty, Saif Ali Khan, Samira Reddy and Nana Patekar.

Directed by Prawal Rawan, India, 2003.


A young couple; Vishal & Swati move into their ideal home on the 12 floor of the high rise. Undeterred by the discovery that the previous tenant was a woman who killed her son and committed suicide. After a while Swati’s strange behaviour begins to change as she is slowly possessed by the malingnant spirit wanting to exact revenge. Loaded with atmospheric sound effects and some surprise scenes that definitely nod to The Exorcist the film, like Darna Mana Hai also departs from adding musical numbers in favour of tension building climaxes.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, India 2003, 113mins, English subtitles.

Bandh Darwaza
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Edgar Allen Poe’s: The Raven: At The Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London

institute of contemporary arts ica edgar allen poe the ravenSee The Raven, At The Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London

A new print of Roger Corman’s classic The Raven (1963), adapted from Edgar Allen Poe’s tale, will be screened at the ICA on 8th, 10th and 11th July.

The Raven features three giants of 20th Century horror – Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff and introduces a young Jack Nicholson.

It is a low budget romp in the gothic horror-comedy style, and features a typically arch and showy performance from Corman’s regular Poe star, the wonderful Vincent Price.

The author and critic Kim Newman will introduce the 8th July screening.

You can book directly on the ICA site.

Directions to the ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH.

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Alien Nation Exhibition

alien exhibition artwork image dvd cover alien life Thanks to Roy for news of this interesting exhibition.

Alien Nation
Saturday 17 March 2007 - Monday 7 May 2007
Manchester Art Gallery
Admission Free

Tues-Sun, 10pm-5pm and 10am-8pm.

17/03/07 - 07/05/07
Manchester Art Gallery
Mosley Street
Manchester M2 3JL

information: +44 161 235 8888

Laylah Ali, Hamad Butt, Ellen Gallagher & Edgar Cleijne, David Huffman, Hew Locke, Marepe, Henna Nadeem, Kori Newkirk, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Eric Wesley and Mario Ybarra Jr.

Alien Nation explores the relationship between science fiction, race and contemporary art. Twelve contemporary international artists use science fiction and extra-terrestrial forms to explore racial difference as a metaphor for the threat of the outsider. The artworks include film, sculpture, photography and multi-media installations.

Much has been written about the connection between sci-fi cinema of the 1950s and ’60s and the Cold War, where fear of invasion, communism and nuclear war was played out in films that projected the anxieties of the present onto the future. In recent years many artists have similarly used science fiction and extra-terrestrial forms as a way of exploring racial difference and as a potent metaphor for the threat of the outsider.

Alien Nation presents the work of twelve contemporary international artists all of whom explore themes of ‘otherness’ and ‘difference’ through the language and iconography of sci-fi. The witty and provocative artworks on display expose a disturbing contemporary narrative in which the media perpetuate a terror of ‘invasion’ from immigrants, asylum seekers (indeed any racial, cultural or ethnic ‘other’) and position such ‘outsiders’ as the dominant threat to both family and national stability.

Mingling fact and fiction, science and art, Alien Nation will also show a collection of original sci-fi film posters from the 1950’s to present day, courtesy of The Reel Poster Gallery, as well as extracts from contemporary and archive science fiction films as part of this unique exhibition that reveals our innermost fears and fantasies about the outsider.

Alien Nation is co-produced by the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) and the Institute Of Contemporary Arts (ICA) touring exhibition supported by the Arts Council England and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Also on at (may go elsewhere as well.) Not sure if Manchester and Norwich on at the same time and can’t find anything else on the web.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art
University of East Anglia

01/10/06 - 09/12/07
information: +44 1603 593199

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