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The Zombie Survival Guide : Recorded Attacks

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The Zombie Survival Guide : Recorded Attacks

Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Don’t wait for them to come to you! Organise before they rise!

With artwork Ibraim Robertson and written by Max Brooks, Recorded Attacks is a multi story jaunt through zombie attacks across known history. There’s the untold story about the French Foreign Legion attack in North Africa and the surprising end for its survivors. And includes some new details on that ‘other war’ that was fought in ancient Rome.

The artwork reminds me of an artist from 2000ad who I used to think of as a ’smooth’ artist. The texture of the penmanship is too clean for this kind of rendering. It has way too much white in the pages, and due to careful positioning of the characters, some body parts are not shown. If it’s going to be a comic based on zombies, it has to go all out to catch my attention.

Some of the panel cuts are impressive; one particular which is the most noticeable is where a stoneage man is being held by a zombie on the ground. The stoneage man has his head to the side and you see him looking into the ‘camera’. The next panel is ever so slightly pulled away and you see he’s looking at a large rock.

I also really liked the way the writer has kind of merged the fantasy with what sounds like probably fact, case in point: the Egyptian method of mummifying, which changed to include removing the person’s brain.

When will publishers learn, to view the artwork properly, you can’t have the comic book bound with a hard spine; it doesn’t allow you to open the pages fully flat to appreciate, uninterrupted, the double spread artwork without pressing flat and breaking the spine.

Oh yeah, and the maps which start each story off should be smaller, complete waste of space. I don’t read zombie comics for a geography lesson.

It was, on the whole, an enjoyable read, but which was over way too quickly, being only 146 pages. I read it in someone’s lunch break (not my lunch break, go figure), and came away thinking it was an interesting and somewhat different perspective on what we’ve seen of zombies so far.

Worth being a gift if you can get someone to shell out 12.99, other than that, borrow it.

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