Rest Stop Dead Ahead Review

At the first stop on the Road To Hell, how slow must someone be before they realise that a gun might be useful?
Rest Stop DVD Cover
Rest Stop Dead Ahead (2006), the first release to DVD of Raw Feed, an imprint of Warner Home Video: Jess (Joey Mendicino) and girlfriend Nicole (Jaimie Alexender) have run away from home. They’re driving to Los Angeles when they decide to take a short cut. Nicole has to pee (”Again?”), but she won’t do it on the roadside, so they end up stopping at a Rest Stop. Little does Nicole know that it would be more hygenic, and way more safer to go to the toilet on the roadside in the soil, than this particular Rest Stop.

Jess disappears and Nicole is left stranded.

Middle of nowhere? No phone signal? Teenagers alone? Deserted building? Sounds quite a common theme doesn’t it? The premise is somewhat cliched, although the effects are pretty gruesome. Strangely in this kind of film, the set pieces are way too slow, and very predictable. The suspense doesn’t build, it’s low during a set piece and then just ends on a semi-high.

The whole film is transformed into a comedic mess before it had even got half way. Saying this, the effects are suitably gruesome, making teeth and buttocks alike clench. Most are better, up a few notches. from Saw. The added aspect of the supernatural adds to the story early on.

Interestingly, when Nicole meets another abductee (Tracey Kress) in the Rest Stop’s bathroom, Tracey tells her she wanted to see the Rolling Stones play in Tucson. Later Nicole finds out that Tracey went missing in 1971. The Stones didn’t play in Tucson, Arizona until June 14th, 1972.

The real downer in the film is that the leads character just doesn’t have her head screwed on. She is just so thick. There’s a police man injured, the maniac is attacking them with his truck. She just kneels there watching as the truck rolls over his legs. Now, c’mon, but wouldn’t she have grabbed the police man’s gun and started shooting? Ok, the gun is used further on in the story, and you could say she was in shock, but when I was watching it with an audience, they were shouting, “The gun! Take the gun! Use the gun!”… And she has a few more opportunities to take and use it, before the police man actually says to her to take it, and she ends up using it.

Worth watching for the effects, but apart from that, steer clear as it’s a big disappointment.

The DVD viewed also contains special features.

Three horrific alternate endings.
Shocking crime Scene photos.
Scotty’s family album.
Rest Stop Trailer.

All in all, not a really bad film, it’s just that the pace of the film is too slow, and the dumbness of the main character is just infuriating.

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  1. Baconator Says:

    This movie had great actors combined with spectacular visual effects/makeup artist, BUT whoever the hell wrote the storyline should be beaten, hit with a white and yellow ford f100, drug behind it and whatever sick domb shit was done in this movie. I personally think that the so called writer/writers of this movie should be put in the loony bin for comming up with this dumbass sick story of a so called “movie” that makes no sense. Who the FUCK would just stand in front of a truck slidin around on gravel. I mean really is this movie really a reflection of how dumb fucking people these days, for example, people CAN’T FUCKING DRIVE in Florida, dumbasses and criminals can acquire guns and dumbasses like the writers of this movie get paid for this dumb shit like this. This is what is wrong with America, SHIT most of this planet! So in conclusion FUCK the writers of this movie and FUCK the greedy fucks in charge that can’t abide by their own dumbass rules, ASSHOLES!

  2. Tony Says:

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