Family Guy, Something, Something, Something Darkside Review

Family Guy returns in the next installment of Star Wars spoof parodies, this time with Empire Strikes Back.

In this overly ambitious spoof of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, in which Luke Skywalker (Chris), Han Solo (Peter) and Princess Leia (Lois) join forces against Darth Vader (Stewie). Also included are Landon Carlissian (Mort Goldman), Yoda (Carl, Chris’ boss) and the Boba Fett (the Giant Chicken).

Stewie as Darth Vader is the best character by far (as he is in Family Guy), just his appearance and accent suit the spoofy arch villain completely.

The animation surpasses the Family Guy series, most noticeably with the spaceship scenes and some of the ground attack scenes with the AT-ATs.

Storywise, it stays failthful to the original print of Empire Strikes Back, rather than the remodelled one. There isn’t the girlie scream when Skywalker gets his hand chopped off by Darth for example. It’s interesting to know that it took longer for this to be signed off by George Lucas because of the content, primarily the swearing.

Unfortunately, the jokes, on the whole, don’t really work. A few sniggers are abound, but it’s not really laugh out loud material. Some of the more memorable jokes are when Han lets Leia know how she speaks, and that to hear it day in day out is such a drag, when Han goes into one of the Large Camels and sees a baby camel and remarks that she’s pregnant.

Most of the time I was just MMmming.

It’s really recommended only for people who will get Family Guy and Star Wars jokes. You really need to know how they both operate to see the funny side.

And now that we’re in a Family Guy Spoof mood, here’s some…

Ideas for Family Guy spoofs:
The Original Scooby Doo
The Saw series
Wedding Singer
Somthing, something, something
Debbie Does Dallas (only joking)

Do you have any other ideas for a Family Guy spoof? I’m sure there’s loads we’ve missed!

View the Family Guy Empire Strikes Back Trailer here.

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  4. Rita Says:

    It’s really recommended only for people who will get Family Guy and Star Wars jokes. You really need to know how they both operate to see the funny side.

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