Timur Bekmambetov Interviewed On Wanted

WANTED DVD CoverTimur Bekmambetov Interviewed On Wanted

Interviewed By: Johanna Juntunen

Q: With this being your first English language film you seem to redefine the laws of physics. It seems to happen a lot in this film?

TB: Yes. Physics is part of our imagination. The world is as it is because we think about it and then everything becomes possible, because if you can imagine things, it will happen.

Q: So do you spent a lot of time in pre-production, because it seems like you have these very imaginative shots and your visual style is very different from anybody else’s?

TB: Everybody’s style is different. Everybody is unique. That’s what I really believe. Sometimes we don’t remember this. Sometimes we’re trying to copy or to follow the rules, but if you will listen to yourself, then you will be unique. It takes time, years, but it is the most interesting part of the process. For me, what is interesting is dreaming. There are no obligations or responsibilities. Then it gets difficult, the five months of shooting, but it’s a great process and even greater when you are editing and finishing things. I like the beginning and the end.

Q: Is it like the script - that the most interesting part is the beginning and the end, and then you have to put something in the middle? That’s what I hear.

TB: Yeah.

Q: So were you very involved in the screenplay as well?

TB: Yes. I was involved from the beginning. I received the script and we started to change it and it became a long process. If you change one thing it unravels questions to which you have to find answers. It took about a year, the whole development process of the script.

Q: The cast is great.

TB: Yes. We had great actors.

Q: Was James McAvoy your first choice?

TB: Yeah, he was the first actor I picked. Everybody understood what kind of movie we were making when I picked James. The studio and Producer all understood what kind of movie this would be.

Q: What about Angelina?

TB: She was the last, we didn’t have a Fox three months before we began shooting. We were in pre-production and we still didn’t have a fox, it was difficult to cast. There was no other actress in the world that can play this role. It’s only her. Only Angelina could do it.

Q: Did the actors go through a tough training regime?

TB: Yes. James had two or three months, maybe. He was trained in London to become an assassin.

Q: What are your thoughts on CGI visual effects?

TB: CGI supports the action. It can create drama. A lot of CGI effects in this movie have nothing to do with the action. Instead they are used as visual attractions to enhance the storytelling.

Q: In this movie you had to use them, do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

TB: No. I just consider myself as an organic, I think everything has to be organic because to make it perfect, sometimes you can over work something and kill and destroy it. Perfection is organic when it grows itself.

Q: So what interested you most about the themes and the philosophy of the movie?

TB: The idea of the fraternity to kill one to save thousands, it’s a serious idea. It’s an important question and interesting to think about alongside the characters. When you are making a movie, you use your characters to find what interests you. Is it appropriate to kill if you know that you can save lives? Is it right to kill one person if you can save millions?

Q: What about when people start to abuse that power?

TB: I guess. How do you know that everything isn’t a lie?

Q: Do you think there is ever a justification for violence?

TB: No. No, no, no. I don’t think so. I think the case, this case, does not represent the whole idea. Maybe the next movie, if there is another movie there’ll be real assassins with real problems and we’ll need Wesley because he is the only one who’s right.

Q: But repressing your anger is definitely not good. That’s what we learn from this.

TB: Yes, exactly.

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