Star Trek Alternate Realities Fan Collective

Launching on the 6th April, the long awaited “Star Trek Alternate Realities Cover DVD set.

The Star Trek phenomenon is boldly going where no man has gone before – to Alternate Realities! The release of the Alternate Realities Fan Collective box set allows Star Trek fans to add to their ever-growing collection of DVD’s!

Following on from the hugely successful Q & Klingon Fan Collectives and the Time Travel Fan Collective, Paramount Home Entertainment presents the brand new Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Collection making it possible for fans to watch William Shatner and Patrick Stewart at their absolute best!

The Alternate Realities Fan Collective is the 6th entry to the collective series. Boasting 5 discs and 20 episodes, this is a must have for all Star Trekers! It can only be described as an “all rounder” featuring classic episodes enabling Star Trek fans to see their favourite characters in some of the most bizarre and strange situations!

Voted for by visitors to, this collection includes the top 20 most popular alternate reality themed episodes, including those from The Next Generation, The Original Series, Voyager and Enterprise.

Disc 1 features 6 episodes from “Mirror Universe”. Star Trek fans can watch crew members become their psychological opposite!

Disc 2 features episodes from “Parallel Dimensions” allowing fans to see Original Series episodes including “The Alternative Factor” where Kirk meets two different versions of Lazarus.

Disc 3 titled “Twisted Realities” witnesses two different versions of Kirk in “The Enemy Within”, a real treat for devoted Star Trek fans! Disc 4, “Frame of Mind” sees Riker jumping from the ship to the mental hospital in a hugely popular episode from “The Next Generation”.

In Disc 5, Chakotay experiences a number of stages of “Voyager’s” past.

The final disc, Disc 6 “Alternate Lives” has the most installments, a combination of episodes from “The Next Generation” and “Voyager”.

DVD Technical Details

TITLE: Star Trek: Alternate Realities Fan Collective
RELEASE DATE: 6th April 2009
RRP: £39.99
CERT: 15
RUNNING TIME: 15 Hours 30 minutes

Episodes And Special Features

Disc One:
• Mirror, Mirror
• Crossover
• Through the Looking Glass
• Shattered Mirror
• Mirror Universe featurette (Part 1)

Disc Two:
• In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1)
• In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2)
• The Alternative Factor
• Parallels
• Mirror Universe featurette (Part 2)
• Parallel Dimensions featurette

Disc Three:
• The Enemy Within
• Turnabout Intruder
• Frame of Mind
• Shattered
• Twisted Realities featurette

Disc Four:
• Yesterday’s Enterprise
• The Inner Light
• The Visitor
• Before and After
• Alternate Lives (Part 1)

Disc Five:
• Timeless
• Course: Oblivion
• E2
• Twighlight
• Alternative Lives (Part 2)

Allow yourself to be transported back to some of the most memorable Star Trek moments and explore all possibilities with Star Trek: Alternate Realities– an essential for all Star Trek fans!

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