Lucy Porter Explains And Builds A Time Machine

Mad scientist and secret physicist, Lucy Porter (also a comedienne), explains the theory of time travel, builds a time machine and experiences the intricacies of time paradoxes.

Lucy Porter On StageI have never seen her ‘live’, and I’ve been to quite a few comedy clubs, but based on her videos, she is an engaging and fun performer. (I was going to add petite, but wasn’t sure that’s quite politically correct nowerdays).

So watch the video, and let Dr. Porter show you her time travel exploits. Check out her official site for her tour dates.

Thanks to the National Carrot Association for this bit of information, and the BBC and That Mitchell And Webb for the images.

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  1. Amyy Says:

    Lucy is lovey and cute and petite on stage! love her shows thanks

  2. danno Says:

    here here! Her laugh is awesome and she’s cheekily sexy

  3. custom writing Says:

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