Derren Brown: Invisible Man Sketch

Derren Brown persuades a film student that he’s invisible.

Derren Brown is a talented artist and a great performer. He is a major force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour. He doesn’t claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship (and he admits to telling the truth about not telling the truth.)

Whatever you choose to call it, his unparalleled performances amaze and unsettle all those who watch him. This is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, either live or on the screen.

I haven’t yet seen Derren Brown live - but will do in May in Sheffield (check out his website for dates for the current tour). I’ve watched most of what he’s produced on DVD and read one of his books (Tricks Of The Mind). Some of the things he does are pure trickery, some are misdirection, some are downright obvious, and some are just well.. amazing. This being one of them.

Edit: there’s a website mentioned before and after the video, which I don’t believe is connected or endorsed by Derren. Of course you can look at it if you want, but personally, I’d steer clear of it and look for more established and trusted sources.

So, watch as the performer ‘tricks’ the film student into thinking he’s invisible - can you guess how it’s done? If you enjoy this performance, I’d highly recommend checking out Derren’s DVDs.

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  1. M Batty Says:

    Derren says that he picked someone highly suggestible, like a film student. That says it all…

  2. Nick Says:

    His show is superb just saw it last night in mcr-even the mother in law loved-unbelievable finale

  3. Nonsense Says:

    Some people might be suggestible enough to be convinced into seeing something that isn’t there, but no one is so suggestible as to be convinced into not seeing something that is there. I call bullshit. The “film student” was in on the whole trick.

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