Original Giger Artwork?

Are These Alien Face Pictures Originals From Hansruedi?

Q: Hi, I was hoping you or a reader could give me some advice.

Can you please let me know if there is anywhere in the UK that I can take some pieces of Giger art to be checked for authenticity? The Giger Museum don’t want to know, and I think it’s because I’ve got something they haven’t.

Some time after moving into a house in Marlow, we found a cardboard tube in the attic. Amongst the items it contained, was 2 alien face pictures, both signed H Giger 66, and both had personal messages “to Heidy” written on the back, signed “Hansruedi”.

I happen to know that one of the drawings was changed by Giger in about 68, and it is this later one that is displayed in one of the official Giger museums.

What I would like to know, is if there is anywhere I could take the originals to be looked at.

I have been trying to get some info on these drawings for some time. I even put one on Ebay a couple of years ago. I had no intention of selling it, but I wanted to see if it attracted any attention - and it certainly did, but not much info.

A guy called Marco Witzig, from one of Giger’s authorised museums, started writing to me and offered £200 if I would sell it straight away. I declined and we swapped a bit of info, but his line has always been that I don’t have the original drawings (which I accept I might not) and that they aren’t valuable (which I certainly don’t accept), but he didn’t want to elaborate too much.

However, each time he pointed out that they aren’t the originals, he directed me to his ‘original’ which is dated later than mine.

Both of my drawings are signed “H Giger 66″. What I can’t tell is if they are original ink drawings or not. I took them to an auction house in Cambridge, and after a 30 second examination, their ‘expert’ said he didn’t think they were original drawings. The problem is, that they don’t look like prints, they definitely look like ink drawings. That’s why I wanted to know if you knew anyone I could take them to for a proper examination.

I don’t think there is much doubt about the authenticity of the personal messages on the rear. We bought the house in Marlow from a European lady. We thought she was German, but she could have been Austrian or Swiss, and my mum remembers her being called Heidy.

Marco confirmed that Giger’s then girlfriend, Li, who is the subject of many of his drawings, had a sister called Heidy who lived in England in the late 60s / early 70s. Giger visited England about then, to promote some of his art, and it’s more than reasonable to assume that he visited Heidy and left her these drawings.

I have attached copies of the drawings I have, including close ups of the signatures and the messages on the rear. If you can find anything out for me, I would very much appreciate it.

My pictures are called ‘face 1′ and ‘face 2′, with the signatures and messages from the rear called face 1 & 2 accordingly. I have also attached the picture of ‘face 1′ that the Giger museum is displaying. You might not be able to see it clearly, but the signature is on the left on the museum copy and appears to be dated 67, whereas mine is on the right, clearly dated 66.

Also, there are definite differences between their picture and mine, yet they are unable to confirm the existence of the original of mine, if I don’t actually have it.

I’m prepared to accept that the museum has the original of face 2, although is it the original? I’m not sure.

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  1. Ron Says:

    I’m a Giger collector in the UK, i will try and help you further, please just email me.
    Many thanks

  2. Richard Hawkins Says:

    I’ve forwarded your details.

  3. S Says:

    Can you send me some photo’s of your HR Giger art and i will try and answer some of your questions.

  4. Joern Says:

    hi richard - i know it´s late but maybe i can help you with your giger questions.
    1. i need some pix so i can check what you´ve got.
    2. marco w. is a collector - if he offers you money - there must be something ;-) i know him!
    3. i can try ask gigers wife - i did a portrait of giger 5 years ago and we visit them in their house in zuerich(switzerland) - i´m in contact with her - maybe she can help !
    if you got already all infos - i lstill ike to see the work.
    thanx and hope to hear from you soon
    best wishes from germany

  5. Boris Nicolaj Says:

    Hi Richard, I just read today your search for infos regarding your drawings.

    Yes, I am the man who might be able to help you. I am friend with HR and Li Tobler was living in the same appartment with us at the Münchhaldenstrasse in 1969. I was also HRGs assistent in 1993.

    But for some reasons, I will not discuss your question in public.
    If you are still looking for infos, please send me a picture of your drawings and I will answer you. Please notice that I have no personal or financial interests and I am involved because I am friend with HRG.

    Best regards and I hope to hear from you

  6. Phil Says:

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    website: http://www.meine-giger-collection.de.tl

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  9. Marcellus Says:

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