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Mystery Of Everyman’s Way: Paul Collins

Mystery Of Everyman’s Way: Paul Collins

The Book/Website Says:
An expatriate American, Gregory Henry Case, is a quantum physics professor at Oxford University in London, England. His life is rather dull and predictable, until his relationship with his long time girl friend abruptly ended. Case then found a body. Naturally, the authorities examined the corpse. They tested it for its DNA composition, blood type, and conducted a myriad of tissue extractions.

Dental records are matched up. Thus Case is told that the cadaver in question is not an unknown person, but was Gregory H. Case himself— one hundred and fifty years in the future!

At this point, Case meets a mysterious CIA agent, Derek Stratton, who warns Case about the exterritorial plot to kidnap him and others. too. In time, a group of astronauts, explorers from another level of reality kidnap Dr. Case from a British military installation.

They take the physicist to their planet, which is headed by another mysterious man, Father Thomas Toomey. This person sends Case on an adventure of a life time. Through an inexplicable set of circumstances, Case unwittingly drinks a secret love potion, which makes him fall in love with Princess Daphne, who is a young Barbarian royal. His new love interest is set to marry King David, which will bring peace throughout the worlds of Everyman’s Way.

Forbidden passion become their sin. If the Daphne is tossed from the throne, a nuclear war will be the result, annihilating Everyman’s Way. Will Gregory Henry Case survive? Find out more by reading the Mystery of Everyman’s Way, where sci-fi and romance collide.

Mystery Of Everyman\'s Way
The Reviewer Says:
With the grammatical errors in the above text looked over, the summary blurb on the website and on the back of book looked like it could possibly, just possibly, be a non-clichéd story. Unfortunately, this book rebelled against me. The words conspired to make it as difficult as possible to get past page 2 (real page 6).

New-lines in the middle of sentences are not a good idea - especially when the sentence is the heading of a Power Point presentation in CAPITALS. After the flow stopped, my hopes for the book were reduced slightly, but no worries, I must persevere, the grammatical error is probably a one off.

Page 3 (real page 7). I nearly weeped, I really did. The narrator mentions Isaac Asimov, which was fine; a recognisable scientist/physicist. But then Stephan Hawking is mentioned, followed closely on the hells by Lockness Monster.

There are other grammatical errors, physicist as PHYSISCIST (headline in a newspaper this time).

Another problem was that the lead character kept doing presentations and kept saying how wonderful the universe was, but didn’t say why. He just kept gushing.

And then I closed the book on page 3.

If a story is to be based on physics and the wonders of the universe and include real people or places, they should at least be spelled right. There’s no excuse for not using a spell checker.

I’ll review any book (whether vanity or not) as long as it interests me, doesn’t age me more than one second per second as I’m reading it and has been edited out of a first draft.

Mystery Of Everyman’s Way is one to miss in its current incarnation.

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  1. danno Says:

    What a great review, we need more honest reviews on the web, to save us from buying trash.

  2. Mike T Says:

    Blimey, that’s an honest review - great to see people don’t just review good stuff, and root out the crap too.

  3. mysislovesme Says:

    Blimey, that’s an honest review - great to see people don’t just review good stuff, and root out the crap too.

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