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Derren Brown: Invisible Man Sketch

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Derren Brown: Invisible Man Sketch

Derren Brown persuades a film student that he’s invisible.

Derren Brown is a talented artist and a great performer. He is a major force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour. He doesn’t claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship (and he admits to telling the truth about not telling the truth.)

Whatever you choose to call it, his unparalleled performances amaze and unsettle all those who watch him. This is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, either live or on the screen.

I haven’t yet seen Derren Brown live - but will do in May in Sheffield (check out his website for dates for the current tour). I’ve watched most of what he’s produced on DVD and read one of his books (Tricks Of The Mind). Some of the things he does are pure trickery, some are misdirection, some are downright obvious, and some are just well.. amazing. This being one of them.

Edit: there’s a website mentioned before and after the video, which I don’t believe is connected or endorsed by Derren. Of course you can look at it if you want, but personally, I’d steer clear of it and look for more established and trusted sources.

So, watch as the performer ‘tricks’ the film student into thinking he’s invisible - can you guess how it’s done? If you enjoy this performance, I’d highly recommend checking out Derren’s DVDs.

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Lucy Porter Explains And Builds A Time Machine

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Lucy Porter Explains And Builds A Time Machine

Mad scientist and secret physicist, Lucy Porter (also a comedienne), explains the theory of time travel, builds a time machine and experiences the intricacies of time paradoxes.

Lucy Porter On StageI have never seen her ‘live’, and I’ve been to quite a few comedy clubs, but based on her videos, she is an engaging and fun performer. (I was going to add petite, but wasn’t sure that’s quite politically correct nowerdays).

So watch the video, and let Dr. Porter show you her time travel exploits. Check out her official site for her tour dates.

Thanks to the National Carrot Association for this bit of information, and the BBC and That Mitchell And Webb for the images.

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Sexy Cyborg From Another Dimension

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Sexy Cyborg From Another Dimension

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
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Starwars Fan Fun Day: Burnley Football Club

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Starwars Fan Fun Day: Burnley Football Club

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Bank Holiday Monday, May The Fourth (Be With You) 2009
Burnley Football Club
10.30AM - 4.00PM

The event is a non profit making Star Wars fan event and will attract both fans and families.
Darth Vader Image
The Show Will Feature:

Confirmed Guests:
Kenny Baker (R2D2)
Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter)
Richard Le Parmentier (Admiral Motti)
Richard Bonehill (Nien Numb, Rebel Officer, Snowtrooper etc)
Derek Lyons (Rebel Honour Guard)

Also Featuring:
Dealers stalls selling Star Wars and other sci-fi memorabilia
Costumed characters (bring your cameras)
Fancy dress competition
Laser Maze
Star Wars gaming
Charity raffle and auction
and much more!

If you’re into Star Wars and in the Burnley area, why not check it out? Sounds like a fun day for all.

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Mystery Of Everyman’s Way: Paul Collins

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Mystery Of Everyman’s Way: Paul Collins

Mystery Of Everyman’s Way: Paul Collins

The Book/Website Says:
An expatriate American, Gregory Henry Case, is a quantum physics professor at Oxford University in London, England. His life is rather dull and predictable, until his relationship with his long time girl friend abruptly ended. Case then found a body. Naturally, the authorities examined the corpse. They tested it for its DNA composition, blood type, and conducted a myriad of tissue extractions.

Dental records are matched up. Thus Case is told that the cadaver in question is not an unknown person, but was Gregory H. Case himself— one hundred and fifty years in the future!

At this point, Case meets a mysterious CIA agent, Derek Stratton, who warns Case about the exterritorial plot to kidnap him and others. too. In time, a group of astronauts, explorers from another level of reality kidnap Dr. Case from a British military installation.

They take the physicist to their planet, which is headed by another mysterious man, Father Thomas Toomey. This person sends Case on an adventure of a life time. Through an inexplicable set of circumstances, Case unwittingly drinks a secret love potion, which makes him fall in love with Princess Daphne, who is a young Barbarian royal. His new love interest is set to marry King David, which will bring peace throughout the worlds of Everyman’s Way.

Forbidden passion become their sin. If the Daphne is tossed from the throne, a nuclear war will be the result, annihilating Everyman’s Way. Will Gregory Henry Case survive? Find out more by reading the Mystery of Everyman’s Way, where sci-fi and romance collide.
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