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Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock: Screaming Dreams

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Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock: Screaming Dreams

Flames Of Herakleitos: Bob Lock

Flames Of Herakleitos is a publication from publishers of Estronomicon, a fantasy, scifi, horror eZine which contains short fiction, artist showcases, interviews and book reviews. They have since branched out into publishing printed novels; Flames being one of seven currently available. With this background, it is unsurprising that Flames is embedded strongly in horror and fantasy (less so in scifi).

The cover artwork is catchy from a distance (so good for book shelves). You can see from the image it’s predominantly red, yellow, white and black - very eye catching. Unfortunately, close up, the front image looks blurry around the edges and is bland. It wouldn’t make you want to investigate the contents, and it really doesn’t do the story areas justice. A picture of a bloke with wings, with not much detail doesn’t help ’sell’ the book at all. It’s a shame, as the image of the back cover is much more impressive.

Ok, book covers don’t make or break a book (much), so how does the story hold up?

Initially, as we’re first introduced to the characters, the pace is quite slow. Somehow, due to the overly descriptive narrative, the drama of Lucy’s father burning up is lost. After a couple of chapters, we are shown another world, but the description focuses on the characters rather than the surroundings and neither the location nor the people present, came alive for me.
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