Me2: Zig 6, Gaz: Ballonoff Home Products: Trashcan / Bin: Ohio: 1950s

scifi artwork image science fiction logo questions and answers qaWe Just Want To Borrow Your Brain For a Few Minutes.

Q) Molly asks, I have a 1950’s trash can I want to sell, but not sure what it is please tell me if you know..

It is a Ballonoff home products made in Ohio it has the names in caracters of Me2, Zig 6, Gaz and it is totally a sci-fi thing, it has planets on the inside and characters and walking machines on the outside all around the can.

Do you know what this can is?

A) We actually did a google to see if we could find the answer, but even the names of the characters don’t mean anything to us! Aggh.

Do you know the answer? If you have an idea, please post a comment.

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  1. Barbara Ham Says:

    I have one of your products and it’s called the Stove and Counter Mat.
    I live in Freehold, NJ. 07728 and I’ve looked all over this area and I can’t
    find the mats. I need the 20″ X 17″ mats. I hope you can tell me where I can find
    them. I would really appreciate your help.
    Thanks you in advance.

    Barbara Ham

  2. pat denard Says:

    I have a couple of hot mats from Ballonff. I love them and I can’t seem to find them anywere………can you help me?

  3. Nancy Hajek Says:

    I too have two insulated hot mats size 20×17 which I need to replace. I cannot find them anywhere. Please help me. Thank you.

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