For Sale: Bioshock Computer Game 7ft Statue

scifi fantasy horror for sale auctions cover artworkBioshock Computer Game Character Statue

Height: About 7ft

Status: Open

Other information: The seller wants this piece of artwork to go to a good home, and doesn’t particularly want to put it on Ebay, as the audience isn’t necessarily targetted. Will accept any reasonable offer and answer questions regarding the product, shipping costs etc.

We reckon this would go in any front room, gaming room or even as an out of the ordinary garden Gnome. As this is the first post of this kind, we will be sorting out a more automated way of passing seller information onto enquirers.

So if you have any second hand books, collectables or anything remotely scifi/horror/fantasy to send to a good home, then please let us know through the contact form.

Disclaimer: Once Scifi UK Review passes enquiries on to the seller, we will not be involved in any communication or potential transactions arising from this post. We won’t take a ‘cut’ and will leave the communication between enquirer and seller, once initial contact has been made.

Photo of the Bioshock Statue:

scifi fantasy horror for sale auctions cover artwork

Please use the contact form for enquires, remembering to reference the item(s).

9 Comments For This Post

  1. Liam Norman Says:

    wow I love it, if only there was a price quoted I could easily make up my mind…

  2. joe Says:

    hi there is this statue sold and if not how much are you looking for for it?>

  3. Shawn Luciano Says:

    Interested. Please contact.


  4. Clayton H. Says:

    I was not sure which contact form to use so I thought I would use both.
    I am very interested in this item for show in my store. Right now I have an R2D2 unit that the kids love to have their picture taken with and this would look great next to him, the kids would go crazy over him!
    Please contact me with details.

  5. dave Says:

    hi has this been sold , im very intrested in it

  6. Hazel Says:


    has this been sold already?

    I’m really intrested

  7. Tiffany Says:

    Has this item sold yet?

  8. dodosticks Says:

    is this for sale? Cost?

  9. Stephen Says:

    I am interested and will most likely pay any price given. Please contact me.

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