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interzone cover artwork issue 212 weird artwork cover science fiction scifi fantasy art artwork magazine coverInterzone : Now Available From Fictionwise.

Creative writing is not immune to information technology. The literary equivalent to music’s Ipod is the ebook reader and there are many portable devices into readers can download an electronic version of a novel or magazine. Alternatives to specific ebooks are PDAs, laptops and some mobile phones.

Fictionwise (http://www.fictionwise.com/) is a US website which formats books and magazines for web distribution to e book readers such as the ‘Amazon Kindle’ or ‘Sony Reader’. They take a file from the publisher and convert it to the multitude of formats needed to ensure all E book readers and many ‘mobile’ devices can display the text.

Fictionwise sell the files through their website though publishers can also do it themselves via their own, or retailer, sites.

‘MultiFormat’ ebooks are not encrypted and paying for one type of download format allows free access to other formats of that ebook. So customers who update to a new e reader or mobile device do not lose access to their library.

TTA Press’s (http://ttapress.com/) short fiction publications are Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave. The first two are magazines with original short fiction and non-fiction articles and the latter is a regular collection of short crime fiction. Crimewave 9 Transgressions has been on sale at Fictionwise since October 2007 and now Interzone magazine is available as an ebook.

Readers can purchase the magazine in single issues or as a one-year subscription here The e publication of the magazine began with the three most recent issues of Interzone: 211, 212, & 213. Future issues will appear alongside the publication of the print edition. At this time, there are no plans to offer any issues before IZ 211.

At present the e edition is not available direct from the TTA or T3A site.

If you’re not familiar with Interzone (shame on you!) then read past reviews and articles on Interzone.

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