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Landspeeder Antigravity Vehicle Prototype

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Landspeeder Antigravity Vehicle Prototype

Ever fancied trying out the closest vehicle to a Landspeeder we have in the 21st Century? Suspended a few inches above ground, putting the pedal to the metal and experiencing the thrill over all kinds of terrain?

Well, now you can, courtesy of Hovpod Surrey. They specialise in the luxury personal leisure hovercraft.

The Hovpod is an experience you won’t ever forget. You can use it to raise your profile and attendance at a promotional or corporate event (which we all know can be boring). It’s a fun, safe and exhilirating ride which uses a mechanism of a cushion of air (AVC - Air Cushion Vehicle) which enables it to navigate almost all surfaces.

For example, it can easily rocket over grass, gravel, tarmac, ice, water, snow, sand and mud. Land/Water transition is seamlessly smooth because, of course, the Hovpod is actually always sitting on a cushion of fresh air, floating 9 inches above whatever surface is below.

Today it is often in environmentally sensitive areas that the hovercraft shines the most. It won’t damage the ground. There’s no wheels to churn up the ground and no propellors to injure any marine creatures. A good example on their site is of the Hovpod being driven over eggs; they are untouched.

Imagine the look on student’s faces when the college or school hires one for educational purposes. They certainly never had anything like that when I went!

The hovpod will not damage the ground

And the reason is simple: If you look underneath the hovercraft skirt there’s nothing but fresh air. There are no wheels to churn up the ground, and no propellors to injure any marine creatures.

Darren, the coordinator, told us, “We were invited to a black tie dinner at a local rugby club. We gave experience rides from 6:30pm to 11:30pm. We tried to leave, but kept getting getting asked to stay. The organisers even turned on the floodlights for us to fly over their rugby pitches. And what was very impressive was women in their ballgowns wanting to experience the thrill in their twos!”

The Hovpod is a fantastic addition to any event, very safe, and certainly raises the profile. Hovpod Surrey also supplies owner support and hovpod maintenance.

It isn’t a Landspeeder exactly, but it’s probably the closest you’d get to with our current technology.

Landspeed digital 3D image used with kind permission of PerspectX - see more of these 3D images, which are available as 3D environment packages.

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Night Is Day Music Video

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Read about the series here.

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Velvet Revolver Fantastic Four Soundtrack

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War Of The Worlds As It Should Have Been Done

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A Test Of Faith: Julian Gilmour: Reader Scifi Fiction

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A Test Of Faith: Julian Gilmour: Reader Scifi Fiction

A Test Of Faith
By Julian Gilmour

© 2007 and reprinted with the author’s permission.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.” Father John looked up with a start as he had seen no one approach the confessional. “I have told lies on occasion,” said the voice “but I am about to tell you the truth.” Father John noticed an unusual echo in the man’s voice, and that his own hair was standing on end, as if he were charged with static electricity.

“Bless you my child. How long has it been since your last confession?”

“That will take some explaining. I am here to deliver a message to you, and I haven’t much time. Locking is only temporary”

“What do you mean by ‘locking’ my child?” The charged atmosphere, Father John felt, was becoming unnerving, and it was then that he noticed the background buzzing noise beneath the man’s voice. He wondered if perhaps the stranger had a radio with him. “A message from whom and about what?”

“Firstly it might be an idea to explain something to you”

“And what might that be?”

“That I am from your future” The buzzing surrounding the stranger ebbed a little.

“I beg your pardon?” the priest hoped that he had misheard.

“I am from your future, Father John”
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