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sexy computer woman not nude bloodspell dvd computer movieA world where men and women carry magic in their blood, and spilling it can unleash terrible power

Near the start of its development, we reviewed episode one and episode two of BloodSpell.

It has now been edited together, and the entire story has been released as a feature film, available for free download.

BloodSpell has been four years (and one month) in the making. It’s a “punk fantasy” adventure
story, about a world where some people are infected with magic in their blood. When that blood is spilled, the magic comes out, to harm or heal.

These people have been forced into slums and magical hiding places by the Church of the Angels, who believes they must hunt the “Blooded” down and bring them to their Angelic master to be “cleansed”. The story starts when a young warrior monk in training with the Church discovers that he has magic in his blood, and has to flee into the world of the Blooded…

“Bloodspell”, says Hugh Hancock, the guy behind it, “contains epic battles across clifftops, gladiatorial fights with enormous monsters, cockney guardian demons, love, family and all that good stuff.”

After episode two I realised that this wasn’t really my kind of thing, although I do appreciate the technicalities involved, so I didn’t watch the remainder of the episodes.

Hugh also mentions that they’ve had great press - and the BBC World Service, Suicide Girls, USA Today, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, BoingBoing, SFX magazine, and loads more places.

BloodSpell runs 84 minutes long. It’s available for download or streaming from, and was made in Neverwinter Nights.

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