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Fiction Magazine: Issue 4

scifi horror fiction magazine issue 4 four fantasy magazine cover fiction magazineFiction Magazine : Issue Four

Reviewed By Gareth D. Jones

Since issue #3, Fiction magazine has moved to PDF format, with the possibility of moving back to print in the future. I don’t find on-line magazines as exciting as having an actual printed magazine in your hand, but the editors are maintaining the standard of fiction established in their first two print editions.

The first and longest story is An Act of Mercy by Sarah Hughes. It’s a multi-stranded story that initially left me confused due to the similarity of character’s names in different threads (Ryan, Rayne, Reuben). This meant that I had to keep checking back , breaking the flow of the story. Several typos didn’t help too. Getting past these problems, it was an interesting story of viruses, nanobots, androids and a sprinkling of very diverse characters to add to the interest. I’m tempted to say it was almost too ambitious, introducing enough characters to sustain a much longer piece. The complex plot was entertaining though and the android characters were particularly well developed.

Gareth L Powell’s contribution is A Necklace of Ivy, a realistically rendered tale set against the backdrop of a mysterious alien plague sweeping through Cornwall. A young couple are making their way out of the county in advance of an army curfew, but make the mistake of stopping for one last break. The realistic dialogue and briefly sketched description make it a compelling little tale.
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Alternative Three: Anglia Television UK: Christopher Miles: Tim Brinton, Gregory Munroe, Carol Hazell

alternative three image not nude film cartoon artwork download image cover dvd gameFirst There Was Orson Welles’ Radio Broadcast, Then Came Alternative 3

DVD Release Date: October 8th 2007.

Released through Soda Pictures.

In 1977 Anglia Television broadcast a programme called Alternative 3, a film By Christopher Miles, which purported to show evidence of life on a scientific colony on Mars and how scientists were being shipped to the planet.

By the time the programme had finished the switchboard at ITV was jammed, partly by callers alarmed at the end of life on earth as we know it and partly by viewers, recognising the programme as a hoax, ringing to blame the channel of being irresponsible.

Thirty years later however, life on Mars is not as outrageous a statement as it once was.

Tim Brinton Gregory Munroe Carol Hazell not nude alternative three reporters image not nude film cartoon artwork download image cover dvd game

Alternative 3 is a spoof documentary. Originally scheduled for broadcast on April 1st it was meant to be an update on the now infamous radio broadcast by Orson Welles War Of The Worlds which was broadcast in the 1930s.

It stars Tim Brinton, Gregory Munroe, Carol Hazell. The piece is held together by the believability of the Tim Brinton (the commentator), who in his 70s Queens English voice comes across as a real broadcaster, which I believe he actually was.

Making an apprearance is Richard Marner (as Dr. Carl Gerstein) of ‘Allo ‘Allo fame. Of course, when first made, he wasn’t as well known, so you need to pretend he’s a stranger on screen.

The rest of the cast really look like they’re straining to look at ease in front of the screen, they seem to force their words and don’t look relaxed at all. Maybe it’s by design, but it looked to me totally contrived. Although, it could be because it’s quite an old program and was purposely shot like that.

Science Report is an old science program, and this was broadcast as part of it, adding to the realism.

At the time, the filmmakers were unrepentant at the furore that met their programme stating that the message from the film is that people should analyse what they see and hear on TV or radio - and shouldn’t just jump in and believe all they see, hear or read.

Thirty years later however, life on Mars is not as outrageous a statement as it once was, albeit the probability of intelligent life on Mars is probably just about zero.

alternative three carol hazell gregory munroe tim brinton film crew image not nude film cartoon artwork download image cover dvd game

I’ve been told, that apparently it has been banned from rebroadcast on British TV and undoubtely add fuel to the conpiracy theorists fire - they believe that it was to blow the whistle on an actual government project and alien threat.

It’s worth watching to see a piece of broadcasting history, if not well known. The chuckle factor is definitely present, so you need to watch it as if it’s 1977.

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Adrian Pasdar Interview: Nathan Petrelli In Heroes: Scifi Channel: BBC2

adrian pasdar photo nathan petrelli heroes download image cover dvd gameInterview With Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli In Heroes)

Power: Flying

How do you feel about Nathan? There seems to be some underlying ambiguity about his character?

It’s close to playing a Richard III-type character but in a modern dimension. All I need is a physical kind of abnormality to befall me, like hump or a limp then I would have a really Shakespearian experience!

I don’t think he is necessarily concerned whether he is good or bad. I do think that there is a dark side that has to be dealt with, but the people who think they are good will probably turn out the other way on this show. It wouldn’t do me any good to speculate as to how I’m going to end up. I think there is both good and bad in this character which is interesting to play. I am as much a fan who is along for the ride as the public are with this character and where he ultimately is going to go.

Would you agree that your character is defined more by his relationships than his superhero power?

Yes, I find these relationship dynamics are more interesting to play than the perceived super power, they have written that very well. The relationships that I share with my mum, with Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), with my wife and with Niki (Ali Larter), all those elements are angling together toward defining who Nathan Petrelli is to himself and his potential constituency.

Ultimately, when you’re in the game of politics and you’re a man like Nathan Petrelli, there is only one seat that you want and that’s behind a desk in the Oval Office.

As we take this journey, we may find ourselves in the White House and that should make these relationships even more interesting.

Were you excited by the prospect of flying in the show?
Read the full story

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SFF Reader’s Question: 70s 80s Book: Glowing Crystal: Planet: Survival

scifi questions and answers qaCan You Help Answer This Question?

Q) Sue wrote, As a child, in the 70s or 80s (Sorry I can’t remember the definite decade), I read a book about a group of individuals who after seeing and picking up a glowing crystal, awoke to find themselves on a different planet. They were supplied with equipment to survive including identification cards of the creatures on the planet.

The book followed their survival.

Can anybody tell what the book was called?

A) Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything relating to this. Maybe it’s a children’s fantasy book? Or an old episode of some program, lost in the dim depths of the past? (You know how tv programs and books can get mixed up!).

Do you have any ideas? Let us know via a comment, thanks!

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Competition: Scariest Night On TV: Win A Trip To Universal Orlando

Scifi UK Channel’s Scariest Night On TV

Yes, they’re so happy with the ridiculously entertaining SNOT, that they want to celebrate, in style. So they’re sending four people to Universal Orlando Resort!

Yes, the one in America, and everything!

The grand prize is a sensational holiday that includes:

  • * Return airfare and resort transfers between hotel and airport
  • * 7 nights on-site hotel accommodations at the exciting Hard Rock Hotel
  • * Four 7-Day/2-Park Tickets to both Universal Orlando theme parks
  • * Free access* to the live entertainment at Universal CityWalk

There are a few rules to go with this competition, so you’d better check them out before hand, on the microsite.

So click, enter, and cross your fingers!

Does anyone else think SNOT is a waste of space on a ‘Scifi’ Channel ?

See all competitions.

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