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The Many Worlds Of Jonas Moore : User Generated Content Scifi : Colin Salmon

colin salmon jonas moore image cover still screenshot dvd cover movie filmA Revolution In Science Fiction And User Generated Content Launches For iPOD, Media Players & Mobile

London, UK: launches free previews of a ground-breaking, world-first trilogy of live action, second generation sci-fi graphic novels designed for mobile, iPod, media players and PCs starring British actor, Colin Salmon (Bond, AVP, Resident Evil).

The new sci-fi trilogy creates an entire new genre of on-line, iPod, media player and fan generated and marks a revolution in on-line media that blurs the boundaries between real and on-line life.

The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore trilogy is set in a time where the British Empire has never ended and America is just a virtual world hosted on a vast global game network. Jonas Moore, a character personally created by the network’s founder, is thrown into another game world where he discovers that the characters, creatures and monsters are all slaves to the gamers from the real world.

Iraq, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin, JFK, George W Bush, Robert Mugabe, North Korea, Iran, Nelson Mandela, Gordon Brown, the UN and global warming are all just preprogrammed game characters and virtual scenarios from one of thousands and thousands of worlds that repeat endlessly as on-line games with different outcomes dictated by the skill of the gamers who log on from the outside world.

Created by writer/photographer and producer, Howard Webster, combines a copyrighted digital comic book format, with 3D animation, live action digital photography, newsreel archive and an original music score. It invites fans to sample media and characters from to create their own second-generation graphic novel stories and contemporary political narratives. Fans can now mix media in the way they could once mix music.

Online Coverage (Examples Of Jonas Moore)
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Greg Grunberg Interview: Matt In Heroes: Scifi Channel

heroes scifi tv program channel logo imageInterview With Greg Grunberg (Matt In Heroes)

Power: Can Read People’s Minds

Can you tell us about your character Matt?

He’s an LAPD cop, he’s got dyslexia, he can’t advance and become what he really thinks he should be, which is a detective or something more important, be where the action is. He can’t do this because he has dyslexia and can’t pass the tests and now suddenly, he’s hearing voices. He gets the one ability that a cop needs to solve crimes as quickly as possible and be the best he can be. But this then changes the rest of his life.

Your character can read minds, how does he feel about keeping his mental powers a secret?

It’s going to be a constant struggle for my character. He’s having issues with his wife. They’ve not been at each other’s throat, but there’s a conversation they always have where she says, “Hey, why can’t you be satisfied with our lives?” And he wants more.

What I love is that it’s not as simple as telling people, “Hey, this is what’s happened.” People aren’t going to believe you, they’re going to think you’re nuts, how do you handle it. When my character first realizes that he can’t control it, it’s an amazing thing.

The scripts are so great. When I read them, I get an idea of what a cool idea it would be to read people’s minds. I’m like, “Oh, this would be great.” It’s on such a simple level, I read and it’s just like, “Wow, that’s the greatest way to use it.” I’ve already shot a little bit where I’m using it to satisfy my wife.

What does the future hold for the characters? Do they become a team of superheroes?
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Dirtside Atomic: Zero Budget Scifi

dirtside atomc deb spoospooDirtside Atomic: Where The Boots And Weapons Are Bigger Than The Skirts

Dirtside Atomc is an online only, freeview scifi series filmed entirely ‘on location’ in a garage and on a beach. Deb Spoopoo says, ‘Most of the props and sets are constructed out of rubbish or stuff from the poundshop.’

The story is based on a intel’ mission which goes kind of skew. It involves surreal planets, time travel, spaceships, weapons and computers..

Deb Spoopoo plays the intel officer, in her very draughty clothes, she gets dragged into enabling a nuclear bomb, fighting weird female human entities and … time travel (I’m hooked already). She hopes her neighbours understand about the strange noises eminating from her garage at 3 in the morning.

Pete plays the non-stop-get-from-a-to-z with weapons persona who gets to use Big Guns (capitalised). He also added to the scripts and made up characters and even got to use the chaingun for therapy!

Simon plays the communcator. And looks very swish in his Farscape-ish clothes. The way he talks works well within the film. He says, ‘It was an amazing experience.” It would be in those outlandish clothes, and he plays the character well, in a somber kind of way.

All of the main three characters look like they’ve taken their costumes from a mix of 21st century goth/punk - it reminds me of when I used to go to Goth/Rock/Indie clubs in the ’90s, and people wore black leather and bits of chains and big biker boots. Thing is, it all fits into the film perfectly.

There is more info in the tech section, but in a nutshell its all done as creatively as possible, as cheaply as possible.

The plot doesn’t really invent any new sci-fi wheels, but quite amazingly, makes up for that in other areas, for example, some of the scripting is laugh out loud hilarious, which is unusual in scifi, and even though CGI is used in quite a lot of scenes, it isn’t ‘in your face’.

If you don’t even make a snorting noise during the ’setting the nuclear bomb’ scene, you’re just plain dead. I particularly liked the sound effects. A lot of the music tracks are looped, but this adds a kind of edginess to it, and the whirls and bleeps are just beautiful, especially when they whir and bleep to visual triggers. And the chaingun, pure bliss.

dirtside atomic screenshot movie film still

The technical aspects of the filming are pretty impressive too. Most of the shots with Deb in, seem to be done with a static camera, with Deb filming herself. And imagine how crazy it is to see her fighting herself. A lot of blue/green screening was used; from the photos on the site, it looks like a nice green sheet sellotaped together, but it works so well.

Think: Non corporate Farscape, with creative people behind it who love what they do, and aren’t in it just for the money.

Currently seven episodes, each lasting around six minutes.

The amazing 3D environments and renders are done by AlisonGoth.

She finishes by saying, “It’s the best fun ever, even better than Doom 3 and pancakes”.

You don’t want to miss Dirtside Atomic; a bunch of friends messing around, creating something new and which is worth watching. You won’t be disappointed!

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Rendez-vous By Gavin Childress : Reader Scifi Fiction

Written By Gavin Childress.

I gazed out of the small window at the stars. They shone brilliantly as my eyes strained to enjoy their light. Each breath turned these distant suns into soft focus as I pressed my cheek as close to the glass as I could. They were all so tantalising. I longed for the day I find myself in Star Proximity Two. I said to myself, ‘One day perhaps I’ll feel the heat of distant suns!’

‘Good morning and goodbye!’ I sipped coffee I had saved for this moment. I began to laugh and cry at the same time. The pain in my nose made me feel I was crying, but the sense of absurdity made me laugh. Here I was in this small craft, ‘Star Proximity One’. Yet my space ship navigation has been set to avoid any close star and keep me in Deep Space; as far away from the dangers of Stellar Gravity and heat as possible.

Here is something else, which is ironic in the extreme. My real name is Steve Sinclair. I am a monk; set apart to call humanity to its spiritual roots by a life of simplicity. Officially I have declared my weariness of the pretences of our world, yet here I am in this Higher-Than-High-Tec machine, at the forefront of twenty third century technology. I am called to obscurity, yet my picture was in every newspaper the day I left. I am on a ‘mission’, yet people are far behind me. Perhaps these absurdities helped to keep me sane during my long voyage.

As a monk I have tried to serve the world by leaving it. Spending five years in seclusion as an official hermit, I tried to pray for the vast hordes of humanity even as I shook their dust from my feet.

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Who Wants To Be A Superhero? On Scifi Channel

who wants to be a superhero scifi channel stan lee art cover dvd movie filmWHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO?

Repeated every Monday at 11pm from 14th May,
Sci Fi Channel

From comic book legend Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and THE
Fantastic Four) comes the critically acclaimed reality show, WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? Already a runaway success in the USA and following its exclusive UK premiere over the May bank holiday, Stan Lee and his superheroes are back!

Due to popular response, the series will be repeated on the Sci Fi channel every Monday night at 11pm from the 14th May, with the season finale on 18th June and airs at 10.50pm.

The show is X-Factor meets X-Men, with a motley crew of self-proclaimed superheroes slugging it out for the chance to have their character immortalised in a real-life Stan Lee comic and original Sci Fi channel movie.

The six episode series charts the challenges faced by an elite group of finalists including the likes of Fat Momma and Monkey Girl ­ as they compete for the crown under Stan Lee’s watchful eye.

And the prize for such an incredible accolade? Something equally remarkable, immortality!
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