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The Sirens Of Titan Artwork: Kurt Vonnegut: Coronet Edition

kurt vonnegut sirens of titan bookcover cover image coronetQ) Desperately looking to find name of cover artist for Coronet edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan published in 1970’s.

Doesn’t say anywhere in the book and publishers no help at all! Any suggestions?

A) This is another of those questions which we wish we could answer, but after a some hefty searches, and asking some people ‘in the know’, we’ve come up blank.

Suprisingly, even when looking at image specific search engines. This is a shame, as I’m not sure what the 1970s cover of Sirens Of Titan looked like, and some of the older covers are a lot blander, and at the same time more effective, than today’s glossy, colourful cover artwork.

Anyone know the answer? Let us know!

If there’s any Scifi Question you’d like to ask us, then let us know and we’ll bust our brains to find the answer!

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Interzone Subscription Offer

interzone issue 209 front cover imageInterzone : Britain’s Longest Running Scifi / Fantasy Magazine

25th Anniversary OFFER FOR SCIFI UK REVIEW Readers!

A bit more information on this offer.

It is running through the whole of 2007.

SCIFI UK REVIEW readers can obtain 25% extra issues on a 12-issue subscription (that’s six months worth) from the Interzone Subscription Site. (That’s three whole issues, free!)

Remember to include ’’ as your Shopper’s Reference so they know to include your extra free issues!

The Official Interzone Site.

The INTERACTION Interzone / TTA Press Forum.

Read past reviews and articles on Interzone, it will give you an idea of the content and how it has matured into the beast it is today.

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Ziph Comics: Mars As It Used To Be

prince ziph comic artwork portugese french englishThe Adventures Of Prince Ziph

Ever imagined how Mars was millions of years ago when it had oceans flowing on its surface? And what about Martians? They were not green, they were … ehmm…different… And had such busy lives that life on Earth was later mostly their fault.

But that’s another story.

What about the meaning of life? Does God have a beard? Does it matter? And what does all this have to do with Area 51?

Who built the Face on Mars? Is Heaven a private club? Is life after death real? How boring is it?

Who runs the universe anyway and does this entity have weekends?

This and plenty of other stupid questions will be answered in this fantasy/scifi saga spread over a few volumes so the author can get some extra bucks, after two years making up all this stuff with watercolors, inks, acrylics and buckets of sweat.

Ziph Comics is certainly a bright, colourful and dazzling place. The comic (and site) is available in Portugese and English, with a French version coming soon. You can see the digital version of Prince Ziph, Part One online, and the printed version is available too, along with concept art and the backstory.

So, it’s a good a reason as any to spend surfing during your lunchbreak.

I’ll do a full review once I’ve bought a pair of shades…

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Earth: Final Conflict Back On Screen/DVD/TV?

earth final conflict image tv scifi uk sexy alienQ) Just wondering if Earth: Final Conflict will ever come back to our screens.

It just finished about 18months 2 years ago with no explanation.

A) Judging by the various episode listings, it appears that six series were made. As I’m not sure what the last one was to be shown (I’m presuming you’re from the UK), then I don’t rightly know if they showed them all or cut off halfway through. To be honest, Earth: Final Conflict was never one I watched. It didn’t grab me while I was watching it, and it was just so boring, and really nothing new.

But, hey, you can always get it on DVD and watch it as much as you like.

If there’s any Scifi Question you’d like to ask us, then let us know and we’ll bust our brains to find the answer!

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Heroes On Scifi UK TV And Adverts

heroes heros scifi screenshot scifi channel movie imageQ) Hi i’d just like to say that I love the new drama “hero’s” (sic) but….. as each epesode is only about 45 minuter long, is or would it be possible to watch the whole epesode in one go? As the breaks every ten minuter are verry anoying and just pointless!

A) Thank you for your enquiry. It’s the old arguement that adverts during shows are a royal pain in the scifi’ness., and should be moved to inbetween programmes. The thing is, they need to sell ads during airtime, and during shows so people actually ‘have to’ watch them. I agree, they should stop commercials during shows, but, unfortunately, it ain’t gonna happen.

If you try speaking to The Scifi Channel, I’m sure they’ll give you a definite answer.

By the way, I agree that Heroes is good entertainment.

Find all articles on Scifi UK Review for Heroes.

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