War Of The Worlds Woking Trailer 2007

war of the worlds trailer movie 2007 filmWoking, Early 2007. Byebye

War Of The Worlds In Woking 2007 Trailer, set in Woking, as it should be. Back the roots of the original H.G. Wells story.

Richard K. has done a splendid job of rendering Woking to dust in a digital attack from ’scrutinising lifeforms’. From smart sound effects, to ‘heart rendering’ (read: hilarious) explosions of landmarks in and around Woking.

The voiceover and music, which I believe are from Jeff Wayne’s Musical War Of The Worlds, is absolutely perfect.

Even though it’s only two and a half minutes long, it packs a real punch. The tension actually builts as the invaders come closer to Earth. The digital effects fit in well, and I love the bit where … ah, but that’d be telling. Just watch it!

I bet some people wish they’d digitally blown up some of the dives though, those places are frequented by aliens already.

BTW, Thanks to all the people who emailed me on this, it must be just about everyone I know, especially Paul cos he got the first email across.

Now, I’m off the play it just one more time…

See images of the actual War Of The Worlds Martian Sculpture which is in Woking.

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