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Transformers Optimus Prime Cover DVD CD image GameTransformers Movie : “Robots In Disguise!”

Transformers, now there’s a blast from the past. The archaic 80s cartoon is soon to be transformed onto the big screen. Due for release on 4th July 2007 (7 . 4 . 7), through Dreamworks, the trailer, clickable in various formats below, looks pretty impressive.

I guess now that CGI has come a long way in recent years, Transformers can now be animated more realistically. The one thing that stood out during the trailer is the sound effects, they are awesome.

I seem to remember one of the Transformers used to be a tape deck? Will ‘he’ be transformed into an I-Pod? Or stay in the vein of 80s cartoon?

Here’s fingers crossed that the film pans out from the trailer to be a mind blowing, action packed, story driven, CGI fest of Robots changing shape with amazing sound effects to scare the living daylights out of you.

Media Links And Screenshots Below For Your Delictation.

Optimus Prime Probably Would.. Would You? (Transformer Movie Merchandise)

Transformers The Movie Stills
transformers the movie megan fox shia labeouf
Megan Fox And Shia Labeouf

transformers screenshot movie shot film deset attack
Transformers - Desert Attack

transformers the movie optimus prime image
Optimus Prime - Transformers The Movie

Transformers The Movie Trailer Links

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20 Comments For This Post

  1. ashley Says:

    this movie is the best.i love it so much.i think it kicks ass.i love the yellow car.its so kewl.and optimus prime.hes kewl.this is like my favorite movie now.thnkx alot(:

  2. vikita Says:

    La mejor peli… lejo…
    Ame a Shia LaBeoufes… pro el es solo mio ^^
    Shia LaBeoufes>>> You are my Platonic Love (L)_(L)
    I love you

    °° Vikita °°

  3. Julian Valdez Says:

    Transformers is the best movie ever

  4. maven baseo Says:

    transformer the movie nice … nonstop action… 5 times i watch in theater…. super thriller nonstop action… im waiting for the sequel of this movie…..

  5. Alex Says:

    Aver putos transformers es esta buenismo solo porque tiene esa vieja Megan Fox A huevo!

    Ok guys this movies it the best just because it has Megan Fox come on she is like the hottests.

  6. Says:

    very succesfuly movie n i have fun to see u movie.hope next movie transformer 2 will be great.

  7. Justin Says:

    I relly like the movie I think that it turned out very well and I think that the people that will see it will agree that it is the best cartoon related movie in history. I think if it had a score it would be a 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Victoria K. Says:

    shia is the best!!! he’s so gorgeous! great actor! loved him in even stevens, ADORED him in disturbia and cant even explain how hot he was in transformers! all awesome movies! awesoem actor! i love u shiaaaa!!!

    Victoriaa aka Mrs. Labeouf!!!!!!! lol I WISH!

  9. bie Says:

    For me transformer movie just ok, i can give 6/10..The story a bit dull..but the graphic wow! excellent!..I hope transformers 2 movie will be better! Need more improvement!

  10. Teegan Says:

    Hey transformers is the best movie.. so gorgeos i loved him in disturbia lol hes the cutest & hottest guy ive ever seen

  11. Samantha Says:

    This movie is freaking amazing! They should certainly make a Transformers 2, with the same characters!
    Sammi and Avery

  12. Samantha Says:

    This movie is freaking amazing! They should certainly make a Transformers 2, with the same characters!
    Sammi and Avery

  13. jonathan bonilla Says:

    that movie was the best I like there special weapens used in the movie

  14. evelyn de anda Says:


  15. lilian Says:

    Hi!This movie was great!Hope you make a third movie
    i lllloooovvvveedd it!

  16. fire demon Says:

    Megan fox (hot) + bumblebee camaro (cool) =totally awesome transformer movie

  17. devil Says:

    i like this movie very much beacuse of this robotic character

  18. Smithg229 Says:

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  19. Kizi 2 Says:

    Great post. Thank you for share this article.

  20. hire essay writer Says:

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