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Starbuck In Celebrity Big Brother UK (Dirk Benedict)

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I don’t really watch trash like Celebrity Big Brother (UK - Channel 4) on purpose, honest. It’s just it was on when they had the opening ceremonies, and I found myself erm.. watching.

So, who should appear but Dirk Gently Dirk Benedict, Starbuck from the A-Team original Battlestar Galactica. Each contestant who enter the house each get to take a bag in with them, probably containing items like toiletries, underwear and other such essentials.

It appeared to me that Dirk’s bag was loaded to the brim with about 2,500 large cigars and nothing much else.

I won’t will watch it much a lot for its entertainment educational value.

If you see someone stealthily entering the house under cover of darkness, dressed in black, wearing a ‘Battlestar Galactica Rocks!’ t-shirt, with pen and paper in hand, then rest assured it won’t be me after an interview…

[Additional news: There's a rumour about a Cylon...

... who's infiltrated UK Celebrity Big Brother as a housemate! - who is it? YOU decide.

Choose from: Ian H, Cleo Rocos, Jermaine, Donny, Carole, Shilpa Shetty, Jo, Leo Sayer, Danielle Lloyd or Ken Russel (or maybe it's the toaster in the CBB kitche?)

Simply by voting on the left, or texting... or emailing... or writing to the usual address... or psychiticity... or time travel... or alternate reality...]

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  1. emi Says:

    This was funny. :)

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