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Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling. D M Cornish

d m cornish monster blood tattoo pencil artwork cover movieMonster Blood Tattoo: Foundling

Author: D M Cornish

From the good people at Random House Children’s Books:

In February Random House Children’s Books is publishing the first novel in a brand new fantasy trilogy called Monster Blood Tattoo. The books feature an extensive explicarium - the perfect introduction to the new world plus beautiful illustrations by the author D M Cornish.

Monsters, rogues and wonder abound in this utterly original, fearsomely exciting and beautifully detailed fantasy tale of an orphaned boy’s journey to seek his destiny.

Rossamund has always dreamed of a career in the Navy, fighting tentacled monsters and rescuing damsels from hook-handed pirates. But fate has chosen him for a different path. He is being sent to train as a Lamplighter - to bring light to the inland roads of the Half-Continent, to shine the way for travellers through lands peopled by outcasts, monsters and worse. But for Rossamund to begin his education, he must first undertake a journey of his own: to the great city of High Vesting. Such a road is not for the faint of heart. Only monster-hunters, leers and the most desperate of brigands dare travel the inland ways unguarded. And al lRossamund carries with him is a battered almanac and a pocketful of cheap potions. It is unlikely to be enough. Stunning in scope and rich in detail, alive with memorable heroes and villains and brimming with new and original science and magics, D.M.Cornish’s tale of scolds, scourges, smugglers and shrewds will thrill and captivate, and leave the reader desperate for more.

Author Biography
D.M.Cornish is an acclaimed children’s illustrator. He began making notes and drawings for his debut novel FOUNDLING over thirteen years ago and had filled over 28 journals with sketches, ideas and character profiles before the first volume of the MONSTER BLOOD TATTOO trilogy took shape. The book has since sold worldwide. D.M.Cornish is thirty-three and lives in Australia.

The first volume in a stunningly original fantasy trilogy that will delight readers of all ages.
A must-read for fans of The Edge Chronicles.
Stunning illustrations, charts and maps throughout.
Features wonderfully detailed Explicarium - a glossary of monsters, rogues and things dark and unknown!

Review Excerpts
‘I plunged instantly into a unique fantasy world just beyond the familiar,where no one is fully good, where the villains are real and terrifying, and I felt constantly at the edge of a gasp. I hope readers will love this as much as I do.’ - Tamora Pierc

‘Rossam√ľnd’s action-packed road story serves chiefly to build and populate Cornish’s remarkable new world. From the pre-industrial English feel to the sprawling setting and backstory, this book feels every bit as substantial as its heft implies. Highly ambitious.’ - Publishers Weekly

‘A meticulously imagined place,full of echoes of literary luminaries from Dickens to Patrick O’Brian and bristling with joyous erudition. Here be not just monsters, but muskets and flintlocks, haubardiers and habilistics, florins and factotum sand “mighty vessels of war”. And they’re much more than a hodgepodge of stage props. Rossam√ľnd is smart and likable enough to give the plot some serious emotional ballast. Here’s betting he will have a big following by the time he steps out in Book 2 as a full-fledged lamplighter’ - Washington Post

‘Adepth and intricacy reminiscent of the work of J.R.R.Tolkien or Robert Jordan. The unique and fascinating Half-Continent, where ships with organic engines sail caustic vinegar oceans and monster-hunters gain supernatural powers through dangerous surgeries, is a delightful, refreshing standout’ - School Library

It’s primarily aimed at 9 to 11 year olds, initially in hardback, a whopping 448 pages with black and white line artwork.

We’ll have a competition a bit nearer the publishing date, so have your pen and paper ready.

Kids At Random House Site.
Random House Site.
Monster Blood Tattoo Official Site.

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