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Of Scientists, Mutants, Androids, Time Travel And Tubes

android tubes mutants scientists scifi movie dvd cover filmScientists, Mutants, Androids, Time Travel And Tubes

A reader sent in this question about a scifi film:

Q) The was a sci fi movie I saw when I was small.

The world had gone through some nuclear war. The scientists were working on a viewer that could see into the past or present. They also had some cool androids that had tubes running through them. There were also mutants in the outside world. The mutants broke in…

While the androids fought them, the scientists learned they could walk into the viewing screen, into another time when the planet was less barren.

What is the name of this movie? I hope you can help.

A) Even though it has a lot of ’scifi’ traits, this outline of a film doesn’t ring a bell.

If you have any ideas, please let us know via the contact form.

See the answers so far here.

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Brian Aldiss Interview : Desert Island Discs : Radio 4

Brian Aldiss Does The Desert Island Discs Interview

Desert Island Discs is one of BBC Radio 4’s longest running programmes.

Today, Sunday January 28th, author Brian Aldiss was Kirsty Young’s victim and duly chose the eight records to take to the desert island whilst talking about his life.

It certainly sounds interesting, and from someone who missed most of it and just caught the last few minutes, it is worth a listen.

Unfortunately, you can’t download it from the BBC Radio 4 website, but it will be repeated on Feb 2 at 9 am.

So maybe it will be available after that.

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Night Is Day Series: New Promo Trailer

Night Is Day episode trailer Movie Film Webseries ImageNight Is Day Series Promotional Trailer

The new Night Is Day Series Trailer is now available from Fraser Coull and Silly Wee Films.

I’m telling you now, if you haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, then watch the new trailer - it’s free, short and will give you the gist of how the series is coming together.

And it looks really cool. I’m guessing there will be a new ‘trailer’ every few episodes, so they can mix in what has been shot in the more recent episodes.

There’s also a new sound effects technician on Night Is Day, so expect more ear pounding electricity noises in future.

Read other articles/reviews on Night Is Day.

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Android 207: Stop Motion Animation Android

android 207 image screenshot stop motion animationA Stop Motion Animation Android Stuck In A World Remeniscent Of The Cube Movies

Thanks to Darren for this.

Android 207 is a scifi stop motion animation of an android who is lost in a maze.

The maze is full of surprises and he is seen to learn as he has to complete certain tasks to enable his escape.

The maze is vast and filled with traps, decpetions and puzzles. Even Android 207, a sophisticated (and somewhat scary looking) android becomes overwhelmed with confusion and frustration as it struggles to navigate through the twisted maze of white walled corridors, having no idea what fate awaits it around each and every corner.

I found this a pleasure to watch. Sometimes, stop motion animation, can be clunky, but this flowed nicely. Along with the ‘grainy’ look, as if it was filmed 80 years ago, it comes across as a neat little movie. I particularly liked the sound effects which tied in well with the visuals.

When watching Android 207 himself (itself), I found that I went from being pretty weirded out by the way he looks, with his spindly body and skulled head, to feeling more empathy towards him, as he started to get frustrated on his journey around the maze. Eventually, though, you just can’t help lovin’ the critter. Parts of it made me laugh, as you see the Android almost, kind of, scratch his head as he’s working things out.

I don’t want to describe the obsticles he comes up against too much, as that would spoil it somewhat, but I recommened you spend a few minutes checking it out.

The animation has been screened at some festivals and won some awards.

2006 Milwaukee Internation Short Film Festival
- Winner of the Audience Favourite Award
- Winner of the Homourable Mention Award

2006 Vancouver International Film Festival
- Official Selection (Sept. 28 - Oct 13, 2006)

2006 MUUUVI Short Film & Animation Festival
- Winner of the Special Mention Award

2006 Short Film Festival
- Official Selection

View Android 207 Online
Buy Android 207 and/or Table-Top Kid on DVD

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The Downlink: Ken Goldman

The Downlink
By Kenneth C. Goldman

© 1997 and reprinted with the author’s permission.

‘Attaboy , Boatswain. There’s a good dog. You’re hungry, aren’t you, pal? A few more minutes, okay? Soon as I’m through talking with this nice man.

Jim, is it? Well, Jim, would you believe old Boatswain here is the only living creature I can call my own in this entire black hole of a universe?

See, Jim, we’ve been had by the old cosmic scam, all of us. We’ve fallen for that dream big time. Me and you and a dog named Boo . . .

It’s all here on these video cassettes I made of her.

But that’s for later . . .

You got that Sony on ‘Record,’ Jim? Good. Because I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen. Your readers will love this. Or maybe they’ll just laugh themselves sick.

Don’t know.

Don’t care . . .

Some imbecile of a poet once wrote how it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, blah, blah, and blah. I guess the words look good on paper if you’re a Freshman taking Horsefeathers Lit 101. Well, Jim, I’m here to tell you Mr. Tennyson got it wrong.

I loved once.

I lost love once.
Read the full story

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