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Bottle! Review

Bottle film movie short independent film from willy wee filmsBottle!
A Fun And Surreal Journey Into The Darkest Depths Of A Bottle’s Mischief

Bottle written and directed by Fraser Coull from Silly Week Films, was shot for the BBC’s New Filmmaker competition in the summer of 2005. Shot for £150, the story focuses on a student, Alan (Ross Maxwell) who is tormented by an evil bottle of LimboJuice.

Alan is a typical student who goes to get some milk from the fridge, but finds it out of date. Looking again, he sees a strange bottle of LimboJuice which has mysteriously appeared, and which he’s seen adverts on television for (or has he?). You need to decide for yourself, as a lot of what goes on in this film is just plain weird. There’s an essence of Twilight Zone, mixed lovingly with a dash of Outer Limits, then topped off with some luscious ‘let’s make it unexplainable and a bit barmy’.

The bottle seems to have a life of its own, and anarchy, not to mention Three Stooges type comedy, ensues.

Animator and Digital Compositor Paul McConnochie of Vortex 42 along with composer Steve Dunster took 3 days to complete their work for the film. Filmed in only two days, Steve composed the music score in three without seeing the film. He was able to score the movie using time-codes to alert him of events in the movie.

Even though the film is only 10 minutes long, it is worth watching. The digital effects add to the hilarity of it, and you can see how Fraser Coull has progressed in one year. I get the feeling from watching it, it was almost like a test screening for what a camera can do, with bigger ideas always in the background for the next project. I was very impressed with one shot where the bottle appears from nowhere - it wasn’t CGI or film manipulation, you see it right in front of your eyes.

Special Features include outtakes, which are hilarious, and the obligatory trailer.

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Soul Searcher Review

soul searcher front cover logo screenshotSoul Searcher (12)
Would You Accept The Apprenticeship?

Imagine, if you will, the cold, crisp night air of Hereford. Now imagine being stuck out in it, freezing your butt off - and working, and to top it all off, you’re driving an embarrassing road sweeper machine, which you manage to smack into a bollard. While this is going on, you see the Grim Reaper do his stuff to a demon and you realise your day is only going from bad to badder. This is how Joe Fallow (Ray Bullock Jnr) is introduced.

What’s even worse is that Joe is falling in love with Heather (Katrina Cooke), whom he can’t even manage to talk to properly, and along with his unsympathic friend, Gary (Chris Hatherall), can’t imagine his situation going further downhill.

Except Joe realises to the contrary when the Grim Reaper Ezekiel (Johnny Lewis) accosts him in the street and he becomes his apprentice (probably not through the Youth Training Scheme).

Elsewhere in town, an evil force threatens to merge the worlds of Hell and Earth into one. And only Joe, assisted by an enigmatic supernatural bounter-hunter, Luca Callista (Lara Greenway), can stop it from happening.

lara greenway soul searcher front cover logo screenshotLara Greenway and her character, Luca Callista bring the film to life. She could be a lead role in her own right. She looks sexy, has a couple of wicked weapons (large guns which make noises as they’re charging up between each shot), dark dreads and cool glasses. And her car - an open top Mustang! A powerful character visually, which is complimented with an almost sarcastic sense of humour, and a casualness that is downright scary.

A mention should go to the makeup (especially version two, or was it version three?) of the bad guys shines through, the texture and depth brings the evilness of the creatures out. The music adds atmosphere to Neil’s framed camera shots and distinct colouring in certain scenes.

Neil Oseman did a cracking job of bringing a full blown film together on a next to nothing budget (£20,000). The tight budget does have repercussions on the film, especially some of the visual effects. There are some (what appear to be) Harry Hausen type effects, and obvious models, which, contrary to a lot of critics, I think look perfect within the essence of the film. It also appears that a lot of critics base their idea of a ‘good’ film on how much CGI is packed in, not on the story or interaction of characters, or what the base effects are actually portraying. It reminded me of the skeletons in Clash Of The Titans, the stop motion animation, and the film itself harks back to that era of film making, while still holding modern attributes.

As a small independent film that is more no-budget than low-budget, the package of extras really provide an unexpected wealth of interest and entertainment. The making of documentary is a really honest and brutal look into what it takes to get such a project moving, and the film (and it’s inevitable limitations) really do benefit from such insight into the making of process. I’m suprised Oseman had any hair left, or sanity: watching the extras made me cringe in parts seeing what he, the crew and the actors went through; from nearly running out of money and special effects models not working, to their schedule going all kaput and cameras freezing solid.

It’s a classy film, with an almost typical dungeons and dragons storyline, a bunch of everyday people banding together to fight the forces of evil, with an extra helping of things which make a film enjoyable (including one scene that might bring a tear to your eye).

I’ll quote directly from someone else by saying, “If you can’t see past the flaws to see what’s been achieved then clearly low budget movies aren’t for you.”

Official Soul Searcher Site.
WYSIWYG Film Distribution And Production.

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Night Is Day Episode One Review

Night Is Day episode one Movie Film Webseries ImageNight Is Day Debuts

Night Is Day, produced by Silly Wee Films is a six part scifi drama which follows Jason Mackenzine, Glasgow’s first superhero, as he come to terms with his new found powers and uses them to fight crime on the streets.

Episode one deals with flashbacks to how Jason (Chris Somerville) gets his powers, including a mental change of the ability to see people’s traumatic future and a physical change which enables him to pass high powered electricity through his body (I’ve heard it said that originally this series was going to be called Mr. Volts but they went for the cooler name of Night Is Day).

It’s while Jason is being patched up by Amy (Shian Denovan), a young writer who he saved just hours earlier, he recounts to her how he came to be a vigilante, swearing to protect the innocent.

The acting is spot on, with the fight scenes looking realistic (and when watching the extras, you realise it is indeed realistic) as is the camera direction from Fraser Coull. I believe the sound effect of the electricity should be revamped - the electricity effects and overall visuals are spot on, but there’s something lacking in the sound area - if anything it’s too quiet and doesn’t really whip your ear holes to any extent.

This is certainly what could be termed as a ‘warming up’ episode, showing the background to how Jason got his superpowers and how he is gradually coming to terms with them.

As well as the lead character, it introduces the bad guys, Mr Philips and his enterage, and the good guys, Detective Chief Inspector Sloan, DCI Mullan and also Amy, who as it turns out, appears to be his protector and confident - someone with whom he can speak to frankly about the turmoils involved with his powers.

Ames is a powerful spiritual being who sees good in Jason and decides to help him when Jason searches for a way to change his misfortune - he is a powerful, intelligent and peaceful character, who perhaps, on the face of it, afflicts Jason with more problems that he had originally.

Fraser Coull (the writer and director) and his team have spawned something which could go on for a lot longer than six 15 minute episodes - and this is reflected in the thoughts during the interviews given with the cast and crew. As this is episode one, there are quite a few unanswered questions.

Accessibility to Night Is Day is easy, so you have no excuse to not watch it. Episode one is free to watch.

I will be particularly interesed to know if it will be edited into a full size film once the episodes have been completed.

Read other articles/reviews on Night Is Day.

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LEGO Star Wars II For Mobile

lego star wars ii 2 for mobile screen imageLEGO STAR WARS II

Use the force to find and rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. The battle against the dark side returns to mobile!

With a comical take on the Star Wars Trilogy that revolutionized pop culture forever, LEGO Star Wars II includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

Features Include:
· Take on the role of your favourite Star Wars character including Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 and battle to find Princess Leia.

· Wield your Lightsaber against battle droids, droid commanders and droidekas.

· Use your mastery of the Force to move LEGO objects and build new pathways as you explore the ship.

· Use the force to move Lego blocks to be used as weapons.

· 18 levels over 4 separate missions.

· Automatically adjusting difficulty levels.

· Featuring classic music from the original films.

To Preview LEGO Star Wars II:

To Get LEGO Star Wars 2 For Your Mobile:
text LSW 2 to 88188 (standard text rates apply - UK only).

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Have A Merry Christmas!

merry scifi christmasOr If You’d Prefer: Happy Newton’s ‘day!

But whatever you do today, whether you celebrate anything or not, we here hope that you all have a great time!

And we want to thank you for coming back time after time, the daily amount of visitors, either to the page, or viewing through syndications etc, is phenominal. When I started it last year, I never thought there’d be so many people interested.

Just goes to show that scifi is still going strong.

Anyways, what are you doing reading this? You should be with your family and friends, watching Star Wars back to back, or a few James Bond films with Christmas hats on and your new scifi DVDs/comics/books/costumes and armour. Or just waving your Light Saber around making Bzzzz noises (if it’s not built in).

Have a good one people!

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