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Mind Host Parasite Or Creature

Q) Hello, I have a basic easy question. What is a parasite or creature that takes over the mind of a host? A good example is the movie “Slither“.

A) I’m thinking that you’ve answered the question already - parasite: an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.

Or maybe it’s called The Brain Inserting, Juice Extracting, Bed Down, Free Party, Get Down And Boogie Organism.

Maybe not: it’s a parasite.

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  1. Clair Says:

    Not quite sure about the Slither but after writing 12 Years a slave movie review essay I understood this one is enmeshed within the stark pathology and depravity of hatred in this cinematic masterpiece are the roots of the Tea Party’s maniacal obsession with ObamaCare. In fact, today’s rabid right wing malcontents can no more tolerate the ascendancy of an African American man to the pinnacle of power than the perverse slaveowner Epps can bear Northrup’s resilient humanity and inherent superiority proven by his survival of unrelenting and unimaginable cruelty with irrepressible dignity and defiant compassion.

    It is poetic justice that this film shocks us into recognition of the original sin of slavery that continues it’s rampage not only against the first Black President as 21st century scapegoat but with every social justice legal and policy victory as it’s target in the name of “deficit reduction.” We are not fooled by disguised hatred and coded language, are we? (Dr. Carson, beware. Your Uncle Tom is showing.).

    SEE THIS MOVIE AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. This is the subtext rumbling beneath the surface of every passionate debate about affirmative action, voting rights, incarceration, women’s rights and more. See this movie long before the Academy Awards give the art of it due accolades. This brave and provocative new work merits our serious attention as it contextualizes current events and the unfinished business of cleaning the wound and healing.

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