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Special : Drug Induced Superhero

drug scifi fantasy filmYou’ve Heard Of Side Effects From Drug Trials?

Revolver Entertainment have announced that Special, an offbeat dark comedy, follows the journey of Les Franken played by Michael Rapaport (Hitch, Grilled) as a superhero for our chemically enhanced time.

Les Franken, a lonely parking enforcement officer who enjoys reading comic books, decides to take part in a clinical trial for a new and exciting antidepressant called ‘Special’.

An unexpected side effect of the drug renders him with superpowers - or so he thinks. While his doctor dismisses the drug’s side effects as an adverse psychological reaction to the medication, Les takes his cue from the comics he reads to embrace his newfound ‘powers’ and quits his job to devote his life to fighting evil, real or imagined.

Les is an every day kind of superhero, the apparently gifted and yet disturbed human who wishes to save the world. Writers Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore based some of the characters on friends from their youth and use their experiences of drug use, which include the use of anti-depressant medication, in the months leading up to production.

Special will be released in cinemas on November 17th 2006.

See below for links to trailers:

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Recon 2020 Movie : Recon 2022 Movie

recon 2020 image screenshot border=RECON 2020 Unleashed In The United States!

Montreal, Canada - October 20, 2006

Movie Seals Productions is proud to announce that Maverick Entertainment Group has acquired the United States distribution rights to its sci-fi / action movie “Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre” by director Christian Viel (”Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain”, “Deaden”). Since its premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, this epic movie started on a winning path that includes a Best Sci-Fi / Action movie award at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in 2005 and a Best Sci-Fi movie award at the Wreck - Beach International Film festival in August 2006.

The film follows a group of soldiers on a recon mission on a desolate planet in a remote system:
In the year 2020, the Earth has become a barren rock from radioactive devastation. Protected by the Galactic Marine Infantry, (GMI), the remaining human race, struggling for survival on a distant star, is terrorized by the evil Ma’har alien race. While on a reconnaissance mission in the Caprini system, Sergeant Sharp and his GMI soldiers discover the Ma’hars hidden laboratory where they’ve been creating a horrific breed of terrorists. The aliens’ new bio-weapons are reproductions of mankind’s mythical creatures - zombies, werewolves, vampires.
Read the full story

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Propellor TV: The Planet

The Planet from Stirton Productions Gets Airtime On Propellor Television

Stirton Productions movie, “The Planet”, is to have its European television premiere on Saturday 14th October at 11pm on Sky Channel 195 (Propeller TV). Details can be seen on Propeller TV’s website.

The movie will have a run of 6 months, during which the trailer promo and the “making of” documentary will also be shown (which is hilarious in itself).

Since its release in July there has been some great press surrounding “The Planet”, and thus, Stirton Productions have secured a six figure sum for their next production and have also acquired an HD digital studio.

Production will begin on “Last Request” (working title), near the end of 2006, the movie is a dark comedy drama set in Aberdeen and will feature several of the actors from the previous production, The Planet.

Read a synopsis and back information, including images on The Planet.

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