Interzone 206

Interzone Issue 204 BI Monthly SF Scifi Magazine UKInterzone 206 September/October 2006

With thanks for Roy Gray / Interzone

As any self respecting SF enthusiast knows, Interzone is published by TTA Press.

This issue is packed out with goodies, just look at this list. Even the ads are worth a look.

Cover Art (Which I’ll put up soon!)
Fahrija Velic, BSFA Award nominated for his Interzone 201 cover (of which Richard Hawkins wrote “Blimey, this artwork is the best I’ve seen yet in any issue of Interzone; vibrant colour, well drawn, a bit vague, it almost looks like a photograph. The artist does himself proud.”) reappears with the powerful “Droid”.

The Beekeeper by Jamie Barras. It’s a traditional biopiracy expedition but on an alien planet. The natives are traditionally restless, very restless, and alien. Time for plan Bee.
illustrated by Stefan Olsen

Distro by Tim Akers. You are a distributed personality running on a multiplicity of platforms across America. But your hardware and wetware don’t mix easily and the enemy is both without and within.
illustrated by David Gentry

The New Chinese Wives by Will McIntosh. Child sex selection brings China rebellious bachelor hordes and virtual women. But, when family is all, a patriarch needs more than Confucian wisdom to ensure another generation.
illustrated by Jesse Speak

Karel’s Prayer by Chris Beckett. If you don’t know who you are you’re infant, insane or injured and if none of the above you’re in real trouble.
illustrated by Rik Rawling

The Ship by Robert Davies. The aliens arrive and Boston Harbour is the scene of first contact. No one expected it to be the scene of last contact.

The Nature of the Beast by Jae Brim. Clark and Clio were clones of the same man, and in competition to become that man.
illustrated by David Gentry

• Nick Lowe’s Mutant Popcorn sf’s wittiest film critic covers 10 recent releases.
• David Langford’s Ansible Link (news & gossip)
• John Clute’s Scores, this issue on authors Scott Westerfield and Keith Donohue.
Bookzone edited by Sandy Auden: reviews of books by Gene Wolfe, Neil Williamson, James Patterson, Mary Rosenblum, Frank Schätzing, Cramer & Hartwell, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Alma Alexander and a page of Philip K. Dick including the graphic novel of A Scanner Darkly and Brian J. Robb’s on Dick’s Counterfeit Worlds.
Life Under Latex: David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London) and Camden Toy (Buffy and Angel) interviewed by Sandy Auden on 25 years of make-up fx.
James Patterson interviewed by Paul F. Cockburn
Radiozone by Maureen Kincaid Speller on BBC Radio 4’s Imagining Albion: The Great British Future
Mangazone: Sarah Ash on manga, anime and CLAMP’s Chobits.

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